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There are so many generous people in this world today, Mash’Allah. There are children out there who would give all their pocket money to a child in need. There are groups of boys who would drive all over the UK to deliver cakes for Syria during the Holy month of Ramadan. There are people amongst us who refuse to buy or waste extra food and donate to those in need, instead.


Recently, a Turkish couple,  Fethullah ÜzümcüoÄ�lu and Esra Polat shared their wedding meal and catered for around 4,000 Syrian refugees, rather than serving up for those who are already privileged enough to have food; Subhan’Allah! Furthermore, there was no pride in them as they served up their special guests together. What a beautiful way to start married life, full of Allah SWT’s blessing.


Allah SWT loves those who are generous, for this is why He has given us our wealth. The aim of this world is to acquire us Jannah in our hereafter; for that will be our real world, this is just part of the long journey, of which Jannah is our ultimate goal.


There are many people out there who have everything but they give nothing, whilst there are many who don’t have much, but are willing to give or share what little they do have. This is where someone’s heart is pure and true humanity is seen.


The sheer amount of what or how much we give doesn’t matter; it is the intention that we give with a pure heart. Imagine if it was us and our children out there with no food, no clothes and no shelter? In a world where we are continuously spoilt with variety and choice, another world exists, where a child would desperately crave bread but be grateful enough to have grass to eat.


Nobody can judge us but Allah SWT, but think about the amount of us who smoke cigarettes and burn money, literally? Think about the amount of us who buy unnecessary things for our personal entertainment; things that are not even essential to live, they are just purely out of greed. How about those of us who buy a selection of things purely because we couldn’t decide which was better? Now think about those people who would simply go and buy a bottle of water and a loaf of bread to share if they had even the smallest amount for it...


Makes you think, doesn’t it?


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