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CHARITIES from both religions promise to mutually counsel and integrate newly-arrived Syrians fleeing conflict. They pledge support for government and local authority programmes.

At a Central London meeting on September 16, representatives of Muslim Aid and Barnabas Fund prepared a joint statement of cooperation on addressing the crisis of the Syrian refugees.

Joint Statement:

Muslim Aid and Barnabas Fund share a common concern to help Muslims and Christians who are fleeing the conflicts in the Middle East, especially Syria. Our common objective is humanitarian provision for all who are in need.

We welcome the Government’s plan to issue 4000 visas a year and call on it to allocate visas to those refugees seeking asylum from both religious traditions.

We will work with the Government, local councils, and churches and mosques to assist with provision for:

•      assessing the authenticity of refugees

•      accommodation in homes and other facilities for refugees

•      trauma counselling and psychological care especially for children, teenagers and women

•      integration into local communities

•      support, including donations, for those assisting the refugees , including schools, hospitals and ordinary people including an advice pack

•      monitoring the progress of the welfare of the refugees

“We welcome the appointment of Richard Harrington MP as Minister with responsibility for Syrian refugees and request an early joint appointment to meet him together.

“We invite other Muslim and Christian support organisations to co-operate together and work with us in this joint venture.”

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director, Barnabas Fund

Dr A Majid Katme, Trustee of Muslim Aid

Canon Dr Chris Sugden, Oxford Centre for Religion in Public Life

For further information contact:

Andrew Carey 07973 698531 (Barnabas Fund)

Dr A Majid Katme 07944 240622 (Muslim Aid)


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