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Being a mother, a father, a parent is one of the most rewarding blessings that any human can have in this lifetime. Children are our future - our legacy in action and they deserve to be loved, supported and nurtured; kept safe from harm to feel loved.

Seeing a child’s eyes light up when they learn something new, or see someone they love is beyond compare. Seeing a child learn to crawl, walk and run independently, make friends and care for the Earth; understand how their actions have consequences and consider them carefully are proud moments for any parent.

Being a son, daughter or sibling is one of the most rewarding blessings that any human can have in this lifetime. Our parents are our guardians, our role-models, our inspiration and guiding light throughout life.

That feeling of safety, security and eternal love from a parent is one that can’t be replicated. Having a home, coming home to food, warmth and an emotional support network is something that can be relied upon.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, in many areas of the world, there is conflict and war, poverty, famine and disease that tears families apart, parents from children and children from their parents. The pain that is caused is unbearable to think about, but, for many, it is a fact of life.

One area of the world that has been experiencing the turmoil and chaos of conflict is Syria.

Thousands of Syrian children have had their homes and their families torn away from them cruelly, through no fault of their own. The Beity Orphanage Syria Appeal has been set up to help give these children protection from harm, nourishment, education and a safe place to live, as well as the emotional support and guidance they so desperately need.

Over the last year, we have been working with the Maram Foundation to provide these orphans with the help they need to get past these traumatic events so early on in life. We have already created the Beity Orphanage on the border between Turkey and Syria, but our aim is to provide support much closer to home for these vulnerable Syrian children, without their parents, families and homes.

Donate now to Beity and help Muslim Aid to make an impact on the lives of Syrian orphans for the better.

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