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Don’t Forget About Syria

The whole world has been caught up with the deadly devastation left behind by Typhoon Haiyan, the second deadliest typhoon on record to hit in the Philippines. In a span of mere days, it has claimed over 4,000 innocent lives and left millions displaced without food, water, and power. The media coverage of the typhoon and its aftereffects has been intense. Natural disasters tend to have that effect. In that sense, they are no different than man-made disasters like the Syria crisis because they are indiscriminate of their victims. In just over three years, the crisis has caused more damage and destruction than Typhoon Haiyan.

With more than 100,000 confirmed casualties and over 2 million Syrians displaced in such a short span of time, the crisis in Syria has shown no signs of ending. Relief aid agencies from around the world have come to Syria’s aid and much is expected of the UN to broker a deal between the factions to put an end to the needless bloodshed, carnage and violence. 

Muslim Aid arrived on the Syrian border in early 2011, right when the Syrian crisis started to escalate and worsen. We realised the situation was desperate and braced ourselves to deal with the potential overflow of refugees fleeing Syria to save their lives. What we didn’t anticipate was that the situation would worsen to such an extent and that there would be such a breakdown in dialogue on international levels leaving the Syrians and Relief Aid organisations to fend for themselves. The floodgates flung open and the refugees came pouring out. And we pressed the panic button.

The world is a better place today because people understand the value of life. The donations we received from around the world were heart-warming and made us resolute in our commitment to help the Syrian people. We never forgot about Syria because our valued donors did not forget about Syria. Their donations paid for the construction of two clinics along the Jordanian border. We were able to provide food packages, blankets, hygiene packs to thousands of Syrian families. Over 2000 Syrian families who fled to Lebanon now have proper housing and are living a safe life on the other side of the border.

Much like an efficient reporter, a good relief aid organisation is always attentive to the events around it and is quick to respond. It is always in a constant start of operation; mindful of the fact that somewhere out there, children may be shivering without blankets in the tough Syrian winter; or maybe a family that has left everything behind now has no food rations or water to survive. The job is not done until everyone is accounted for. We will never forget about Syria. And we urge all our readers, followers, fans, and valued donors to keep the Syrian people in their thoughts and prayers. Donate to Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Aid Campaign and contribute towards a better tomorrow for Syria.

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