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Don’t Forget About Syria

The Syria Relief Aid campaign from Muslim Aid was specifically devised to assist in tackling the Syria refugee crisis; to come to the aid of hundreds of thousands of refugees who were taking shelter in neighbouring countries in order to escape the effects of war, poverty and disease. Our goal was to provide relief aid in the form of create refugee camps, provide food and clothing, install make shift hospitals and assist in any way we can to accommodate the Syrian refugees.

That was two years ago.

No one would have expected the crisis to persist for this long. So much has been lost and so little has been given back. The amount of refugees displaced as a result of the crisis was in the hundreds of thousands. Now that number is in millions. To this day, no political solution is in sight all the while more refugees continue to line up on neighbouring borders.

Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Aid Campaign

Even in dire times like these, Muslim Aid has been hard at work trying to get adequate aid to the people of Syria as well as providing provisions to the refuges along the border. The neighbouring countries have been quick to come to Syria’s Aid with Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon opening their doors to their Syrian brothers and offering them shelter and clothing. However, the numbers are increasing astronomically and even these established countries are feeling the pinch and the cost of providing shelter to the millions of Syrian refuges.

It is a monumental task to provide for such a large scale of people but Muslim Aid, thanks in large to the generous donations of our supporters, has been able to make some great progress on the Syrian front.

We have provided housing for displaced Syrian families on the border of Lebanon. We’ve distributed blankets, toiletries and monthly food rations so that people can have the basic necessities of life. We’ve created two make-shift medical centres that provide medical aid to sick and injured. And this is just for people on the other side of the Syrian border. We also have a responsibility for the millions of Syrians who still live inside Syria. People who are forced by circumstances to live in fear and shadow of death because they can’t afford to leave their home behind. Through negotiations and dialogue with multiple parties on the ground, we’ve able to get assist the Syrian people in receiving competent aid in the form of food, clothes, books and medicine.

With no end in sight to the political turmoil in Syria, and with new developments taking place worldwide, the focus is shifting to other parts of the world. We urge everyone to not forget about Syria. The problem still persists and we need to aid the people in getting through this tough time, no matter how long it takes.

Support the Muslim Aid Syria Aid Campaign and donate for a good cause that would help change and even save people’s lives!

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