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Educating Tomorrow's Child - The Domino Effect

There is a lot of focus on the importance of education in this day and age, especially when our youngsters are all grown up and off to university to achieve a lifelong dream.

Is there the same emphasis on educating our progenies on Islam though?

Every day, more and more Islamic schools and Madrassahs are being introduced, to teach the new generation the very purpose of their existence, the decrees of their religion and how to tread in the right direction. The youth of today is the generation of tomorrow, and it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and spread Islam through them.

If our youngsters do not know their deen, then how will Islam continue to expand? When we are gone, it is them who will need to pass on the teachings of Islam to their own children. If they do not know enough then how will they spread Islam?

There are many schools out there that teach both education and Islam. Alternatively, there are many classes held after school and during weekends. Too much knowledge is not enough knowledge. A child’s brain is like a sponge; it can absorb so much information, from such a young age.

So let’s pass on our knowledge and build strength in our Ummah, as we ensure our children are on the right path and know enough about their deen to enable them to pass their knowledge on to their own children.

We all know life on this earth is extremely short-lived; we have been put here as a test, to determine our Hereafter – that is where the real journey begins.

From Allah SWT we came, and to Allah SWT we shall return. Nothing on this earth is ours; our money, our cars, our homes and our possessions – nothing belongs to us. For when we eventually die, we even lose our identity, we are then known just as a body, a mayyat (funeral).

When we are finally buried, we will be buried alone, not with our wallets and cars. We will be on our own, shrouded in our only possession, our kafan (white cloth), and the weight of our good and bad deeds.

So let us open our eyes and stop living in our ignorance. What use is this wealth to us when we have brothers and sisters out there who suffer without nourishment or shelter, yet they still remember their Lord. Subhaanallah! Let’s share our wealth, the way Allah SWT intended us to.

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