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Empowering Economic Development

Muslim Aid is one of the largest and most active relief aid and development organizations in the world. With an active presence in over 70 countries, we are involved in different campaigns in different regions all geared towards helping people. Be it Syria or Myanmar, our staff work with local governments and organisations to assist people in whatever way we can. 

However, our scope of aid is not just limited to countries that have suffered catastrophic damage due to natural disaster or war. We also provide support to people living in poor countries where the economy is weak and job opportunities scarce.

How Muslim Aid Is Helping

We provide disadvantaged people help that is both interest-free and collateral-free. We provide them with microcredit to help them secure a stable future. We also have a loans programs that microfinances loans to set up new businesses or for personal use. Bottom line the goal is to see individuals prosper and families provided for. To do that requires funds. By giving access to funds, these communities are able to increase productivity and lift themselves out of poverty.

Muslim Aid support is not just limited to finance. We also ensure growth is nurtured by providing skills training in agriculture, dairy production, poultry, fisheries, food processing, handicrafts, gardening, garment production, small business management and other areas. Instead of a traditional approach to microfinance, our holistic approach to microfinance takes into account the needs of the people. The approach also puts emphasis on skills training and education in tackling poverty at its root. People live in poverty because they don’t have work. They don’t have work because they don’t have the skills to work. Muslim Aid provide the skills to work so that families can get back on their feet.

Recent Work Progress at a Glance

Over the years, Muslim Aid programmes have brought about changes especially in the last two decades. More than 71,000 people have benefited from Muslim Aid’s microfinance programme in the last 24 months. These individuals belong to many different countries mostly from the Middle east and South East Asia.

So far, over £5.5 million have already been invested in income generation strategies. It's our mission to continue providing support to the poorest communities no matter where they are in the world. Already we are working with parties on the ground in Myanmar. The plight of the people of Syria is not hidden from anyone. While millions have evacuated, many millions stayed behind. We have been actively assisting them over the last 2 years. Our relief work for economic development in Bangladesh, Bosnia and Iraq is not hidden from anyone. We’re helping cattle farmers in Indonesia as well as helping small businesses in Sudan. It's our mission to give poor communities the economic empowerment needed to build a brighter future.

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