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The Prophet Muhammad SAW was one of Allah SWT’s most humble prophets. He is the role model for Muslim believers and followers worldwide. So many mannerisms of the Holy Prophet are mentioned in various hadiths and teachings of Islam today. But how much love do we truthfully have for our Prophet?


Do we all try to humble ourselves in a similar manner? Do we even attempt to mirror the personality of our Prophet? Do we adopt the same attitude and follow the same path?


Yet, we call ourselves followers of The Prophet Muhammad SAW?


The Holy Qur’an was blessed by Allah SWT upon us via Prophet Muhammad SAW, in order to spread guidance to all mankind and give us direction. But how many of us truly take the time out to even read this, not to mention follow it?


We can have a little quarrel with a friend and become so selfish; we start to put our pride and our egotistic attitudes first. Do we actually think we are pleasing our Creator? We also forget that we are hurting someone else in the process too, someone who was also created by Allah SWT. Click here to see how you can make a difference and become a volunteer.


If someone hurts us with their words, we tend to immediately retaliate and fight back in defence; it is because we are putting ourselves first, right? But would you rather be the wrongdoer or the wronged?


Thinking we are a step ahead by having the last word or getting one over someone else only pushes us further back on our real journey. Remember, the real root of anger is fear, and a sharp tongue cuts like a knife.


The Holy Prophet SAW was so humble that He would even offer a thirsty enemy a drink in his home, to satiate his thirst. Humanity plays a strong part in these teachings; we are all Allah SWT’s creations after all.


It is important to always ask ourselves in our actions as to whether the Holy Prophet would have done things a different way; it is an ideal and simplistic way in which to live our lives and follow in His footsteps. How many steps would it take us to walk in the right direction?


Take the first step and help someone in need. Donate to Muslim Aid today and serve humanity. We are all Allah SWT’s creations.


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