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Freedom to Learn

Here at Muslim Aid, we believe that every child should have access to an education. Learning vital skills about life and the world around us is the best way to ensure a bright future and better job prospects going forward. But whilst charity giving can help to enable this, there are still many children around the world who aren’t able to learn.

For instance, in certain parts of the world, war and conflict have destroyed homes, schools, and sometimes even whole communities. Children are orphaned and families scattered, some living on the road and seeking refugee status whereas others are attempting to rebuild their lives from the ruins of their communities.

A Global Education Project

In times such as these, understandably, education falls to the back of the list of priorities as these vulnerable people attempt to survive when every day is a constant struggle. But while nutritious food, clean drinking water, warm clothing, shelter and vital medical supplies are understandably important, there is always a place for learning.

Without education, we are unable to better ourselves or work towards a brighter future – we simply don’t have the tools or means necessary to improve our situation and our job prospects. It is often a vicious cycle which results in a downward spiral of poverty, yet it is one which we are determined to break.

Regardless of a child’s background, location, age, gender or anything else, the right to learn is a universal one. Education should be something that every child is entitled to, as it brings a whole range of unrivalled benefits which can strongly improve levels of happiness and quality of life.

A Privilege or a Right?

Of course, here in the Western world, many of us don’t think twice about our education, simply because we are used to receiving schooling and training throughout our younger years. However, in parts of the world where education is basic and sparse, it is often seen as a privilege rather than a right.

Education is about learning life skills and improving knowledge; it is about equality, empowerment and improvement. However, we don’t just provide children with the means to learn the basics of words and numbers. We are committed to offering useful, valuable training courses for people who want to learn new skills and improve their own economic situation – it’s all about facilitating future growth first hand.

The benefits of an education are clear to see, and with charity giving, you can help to provide more children with the freedom to learn.

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