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‘Fun’draising: Getting Children Involved with Charities

Raising money and boosting donations helps to increase the vital work that charities do across the world. After all, without donations, the work that charities can do becomes limited. This can then cause a knock-on impact on the very people the organisations are aiming to help.

Although we all know that fundraising is an essential part of the work that charities do, methods of fundraising can easily become stagnant. Child charities, in particular, should always have a focus on creative, innovative and imaginative ways of raising money. Although it is increasingly difficult to think up original ideas for fundraising, this doesn’t mean that we should always fall back to the same old staples.

Fostering Creativity and Promoting Imagination

Child charities are all about pushing the limits in order to help as many vulnerable children as possible, so why not tap into the massive resource that is readily available – the help of children across the world! Most children would love to get involved, especially when they know that the results of their fundraising efforts go directly towards improving the lives of less fortunate children.

Children are creative, energetic and full of bright ideas for exciting fundraising projects. And here at Muslim Aid, with your help, we are on a mission to put the ‘fun’ back into fundraising.

Fundraising needn’t just be for adults – it’s great to get the whole family involved with the causes that matter most to you. It is also a good way to teach children about the importance of selflessness and helping others from a young age, going a long way towards shaping the future of our own communities as well as others further afield.

Children Fundraising for Child Charities

Of course, fundraisers aimed at children should be adapted from those for adults. Children’s fundraising events should be easy to understand, not too long or complicated, and above all else, great fun! The more fun a child has while raising money, the more likely they are to continue fundraising in the future.

To help get you started, we have put together some fundraising ideas that are perfect for children:

  • Bake sale. The classic – get busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen (with supervision) then sell your goodies!
  • Clothes/books drive. Perfect for an ongoing fundraiser
  • Charity car wash. An old favourite, but one which never fails to bring in the donations
  • No uniform day. Ideal for getting schools involved
  • Sponsored sleepover. And it gets the kids out the house for a night, even better!

Of course, these are only a handful of suggestions. Most children will probably be able to come up with plenty of ideas of their own – children’s creativity knows no bounds!

With plenty of child charities in urgent need of your donations, fundraising is always an essential part of raising money for a good cause. Get the children involved and renew your fundraising efforts to enable us to keep making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children around the world. 

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