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Many of you readers will be all too familiar with the various shopper reward cards and schemes available to consumers today, with some of the most popular being the Sainsbury’s Nectar Card, the Boots Advantage Card, the Tesco Clubcard, and so on.

The concept of these cards is to give you back a percentage of what you spend, as a reward, via coupons and/or money off future purchases. This is a method that is utilised to inspire brand loyalty and motivate customers to shop regularly with a specific retailer in exchange for a reward.   

Now, imagine a similar card you could use that would give a percentage of your habitual spend to charity, instead? Unconscious contributions and at absolutely no extra cost to you; it kind of takes the guilty edge off a little bit, doesn’t it?

That might sound too good to be true, but lo and behold, here it is!

We proudly introduce you to the Sainsbury’s Everyday Prepaid Shopping Card.

Muslim Aid has joined forces with supermarket giant Sainsbury’s, in alliance with award winning, fundraising platform Give as You Live, and now present you with the opportunity to donate to Muslim Aid while you shop.

Here’s How it Works

  • Firstly, click here to register your email, enter your details and a card will be posted directly to you within 3-5 working days.
  • Once you have received your card in the post, follow the enclosed instructions to activate it.
  • You will then be ready to upload funds onto your card (like a prepaid shopping card).

So, for example, if your monthly grocery shop spend is usually an average of £200, then you have the option to upload £200 onto the card. Sainsbury’s will automatically contribute 4% of this amount to Muslim Aid – and this won’t cost you anything, you’ll still have the full £200 to spend.

The minimum amount you can upload onto your card starts from £50, with a maximum of £1,000 in any single transaction.

On the Plus Side

Not only does this help you budget your daily and monthly expenditure, but it is also a great way to keep an eye on your outgoings to avoid overspending.

This is particularly handy for students who rely on a controlled budget for their routine grocery spend. It is a fabulous idea for parents and guardians wanting to top up a card as a gift to their dependable offspring, to help towards their monthly groceries!

For added convenience, the site is also mobile friendly, so you are able to top-up your account on the go!

It doesn’t just stop there, though; the scheme is in association with the award-winning and popular, fundraising platform Give As You Live. You are also able to sign up and shop with thousands of other retailers while still actively contributing a percentage to Muslim Aid.

There are approximately four thousand different retailers you can shop with, including: ASOS, John Lewis, Tesco, Argos, Next, Preloved, Beauty Works, Microsoft, The Body Shop, Aveda, Amazon, eBay, Boots, Atlantis The Palm – Dubai, Ralph Lauren, Selfridges, Asda, Nike, Apple Store, Just Eat,  and so many more.

The percentage of donation for each retailer is listed on the website, and you would need to select Muslim Aid as your chosen charity. See here for more details.

The best thing about this is that it won’t even cost you or Muslim Aid a single penny!

All it takes is a couple of minutes of your time to register and once you receive your card, a few more minutes to activate it and that’s it; you are contributing to charity every time you purchase using your card!  

Who wouldn’t want to donate towards charity while going about their everyday business? Spare a few minutes, join Give as You Live today and select Muslim Aid as your chosen charity.

From orphans to widows and worldwide emergencies to the many people around the world suffering from the constant struggle that is hunger and poverty, you can join Muslim Aid in its bid to inject some humanity back into today’s world. The act of giving charity is a virtue, a blessing, and it is not only monetarily contributed, but can also be carried out in the very act of volunteering one's time and efforts.

Muslim Aid will ensure your donations go towards a good cause. For more information on what we do, or for details on our current campaigns and appeals, visit the Muslim Aid Website today. 

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