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Have Your Tried The Zakat Calculator By Muslim Aid?

Calculating Zakat can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to go about the process correctly. There are quite a few variables to consider, and the process gets more complex depending on the different sources of income one has. It is for this very reason that Zakat calculators are so readily available online, much to the delight and relief of Muslims. However, while these calculators are surely a blessing, some can result in misleading or inaccurate numbers. This is not to say that all online Zakat calculators are prone to error, but the domain on which they are featured speaks volumes about their functionality and reliability. 

Take the Muslim Aid Zakat Calculator for instance.

This is a handy tool that we ourselves have created and hosted on our Muslim Aid website. Our technicians and scholars have used the calculator and verified the final numbers with their own calculations as a means of making the online tool more authentic, reliable and authoritative. We are proud to say that the online calculator from Muslim Aid is simply one of the easiest and most handy calculators you will find on the internet.

Islam leaves no ambiguity whatsoever in terms of how much Zakat Muslims should pay. 2.5% of all annual net savings. The real confusion however lies in determining what the total net yearly savings and assets are and how should they be calculated. This is where the Muslim Aid Zakat Calculator shines.

Zakat Calculator by Muslim Aid

Our calculator will tell you exactly what you need to pay in Zakat this year. Below are some of the noteworthy features and benefits of this calculator:

  • Ability to calculate Zakat in three different currencies which include US Dollars, GBP and Euro
  • Ability to tabulate Zakat on gold and silver with a separate section pertaining to it
  • Ability to compute the values of savings certificates, pension and investments
  • There are a few liabilities in Zakat which must be subtracted. This includes loans, debts and employee wages if any. Most people forget to subtract and only focus on adding.
  • Many Muslims invest in stocks today. Our calculator computes stock values as well.

We hope that you find this Zakat calculator by Muslim Aid handy and useful. We have worked hard to ensure its authenticity. It is by far one of the most in-depth and reliable tools for computing Zakat on the internet. No need to calculate a few things with one tool and the rest with another. Everything you need to tabulate is right here. Keep in mind that Zakat is mandatory on all Muslim adults who meet or exceed the Nisab values. We urge all our Muslim brothers and sisters to fulfil their obligation of paying Zakat this Ramadan. Remember those who are not so fortunate in your prayers, like the people of Iraq and Syria. Pray that they have a peaceful Ramadan and a blessed Eid-ul-Fitr. Muslim Aid urges everyone to donate Zakat generously this Ramadan.

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