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Home is Where the Heart is?


How many of us look forward to the very moment we step into our homes following a hard day’s work, a long day at school or even just sitting down after everyday chores? The very thought of getting inside from the cold and into the warmth, into our pyjamas or leisure clothes and going about our everyday business from this very luxury and comfort is enough to make us smile.

Our homes are our safe and happy place; the place we go to unwind, be ourselves and relax. Some of us even go home to the sweet smell of home cooking, a warm meal ready and waiting to greet us, along with the cheer of our families and loved ones.

The majority of us have insulated homes with central heating, a fireplace, hot water on tap, soft deep, plush carpeting, comfy, spacious sofa’s and bed’s, blankets, hot water bottles, socks, slippers, cold remedies, and, some of us even have underfloor heating!Oh, the sheer luxury of it all!

We are so accustomed to these everyday comforts that we often fail to imagine what our lives would be without this central base to return to at the end of the working day.

What if there was no such thing as home? What if you had no belongings to call your own? What if it wasn’t as easy as getting indoors to seek warmth and a filling meal? A little comfort and solace from close family members?

Imagine not knowing where you’ll be from one day to the next, not knowing whether it will rain or snow, while not knowing when you will eat again, let alone being able to feed your family and children again.

Imagine the helplessness associated with not being able to keep your children warm with, as you struggle to retain your own body heat. Imagine being in an unknown place, unaware as to how you will be taken - not knowing what to expect, constantly fearing that you will be mistreated and looked down upon because of your sheer misfortune?

Brothers and Sisters, this isn’t a tear-jerking or emotion triggering extract from a soppy movie – for many people in this world, this is a reality It is everywhere around us, all day, every day, but we choose to turn a blind eye to that which is upsetting to see. Seeing such things hurts our emotions, so imagine being the one enduring it?

You could go a long way towards helping someone in this position, with even the smallest gesture. Even the smallest donation can go towards a blanket or other necessities that will make a difference to somebody’s position. And you have no idea how many duas that person will genuinely give you in return.

Show your support and humanity and help someone in need today, donate to #yougiveweserve

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