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How Muslims Can Play Their Part In Caring For Humanity

Within a few months, Muslims around the world will be ringing in the month of Ramadan. For the most part, Muslims spend Ramadan fasting, reciting Quran, and performing Salaat and Taravih after Isha prayer. It is the month of worship, forgiveness and blessing. These activities mentioned above are heavily practiced as people strive to make their Ramadan more productive. There are many more great things we can do, not just as Muslims but also as citizens of humanity.

Give Charity

Giving charity isn’t just a highly appreciable act in Islam. It is also the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as well. The Prophet (PBUH) never passed up on an opportunity to help the poor. Charity no doubt, was one of his beloved acts.

Muslims pay Zakat but that is Farz (compulsory). Donating to charity for the benefit of humanity is a great way to achieve the good graces of Allah SWT. The amount is not important however the more you give, the more you will be rewarded by Allah SWT.

Allah (SAW) says in the Quran.

“If you will give charity openly it would be good deed. However, if you would give it to poor or needy people secretly, it will be better for you and He will remove some of your sins. Allah (SAW) is aware of what you do so giving charity secretly would be noticed and rewarded in the Akhira.” (Qur’an 2:271)

In accordance with this Muslims tend to donate generously while being discreet. This is a kind deed to help humanity. It’s not an opportunity to gain fame and notoriety. Always give charity with a genuine intention to help others.

Sponsor A Child

People who are actively involved in charities also tend to sponsor a child. These are children who were dealt a very difficult hand in life. They found themselves on the receiving of life’s brutal blows and despite all that, all they want is a fighting chance to get their life together.

 This is where child sponsorship comes in. Muslim Aid is actively involved in such projects. Our goal is to ensure children who are displaced and effected by war, famine or natural disaster, get the tools of survival they need including education and training to get their life on track. For this, they initiated the Rainbow Family, a child orphan sponsorship programme.

This programme is specifically designed to help children realise their aspirations and achieve their dreams. However, the programme doesn’t just stop there. It goes beyond a child’s education and provides them with quality healthcare, food, clothing and emotional stability and well-being.

Teach Others How to Read Quran

Muslims spend their Ramadan reciting the Quran. However, there are others who strive to read it properly. This includes children and even elders who are illiterate or are new converts to Islam and have little to no command over Arabic. As a Muslim, it is our duty to spread the word of Allah (SWT) and preach Allah SWT’s message and Phophet Muhammads’ Sunna to the people.

With Ramadan fast approaching, Muslims should make use of each and every opportunity they get to seek forgiveness and gain blessings. One way to go about it is to care for humanity and the Muslim Ummah; to undertake tasks for their betterment; to strengthen it and make it better than before. Information on how you can get involved and further details on our projects and aid work are available online.

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