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Is Child Sponsorship Your Responsibility?

Short answer, no. There is no obligation in Islam or any religion for that matter that command its followers to sponsor children or those who are orphans. There is no denying it’s a great gesture and a noble cause; one that never goes unrewarded especially on a spiritual level. However, it is not mandatory. Be that as it may, the current situation of the Muslim Ummah is hard to ignore. The amount of people suffering unjustly, especially children, is only growing in number. The number of refugees continues to rise and the latest statistics from relief aid organisations are hard to ignore. Such times call for acts of selflessness and responsibility. If you are financially able to do sponsor a child, then you should do so; the effects are profound and long lasting. 

There are a number of organisations actively engaged in charity work and child sponsorship. They pair children with their sponsors and keep them updated on the child’s progress such as education and health. The goal is to work towards the betterment of mankind with a particular focus on orphan children. Muslim Aid has been active in that regard for more than 20 years and has active presence in over 70 countries. There are parts of the world where the situation is very dire and Muslim Aid is at the very forefront of relief efforts. Places like Syria, Myanmar and Bangladesh, where children don’t even have access to drinking water and food. They are not getting proper medical care and don’t have clothes or an adequate education because of their desperate situation.

So is sponsoring an orphan your responsibility?

Definitely! As Muslims it is our responsibility to be mindful of these situations and do whatever we can to help these children. You can contact a charity organisation of your choice that is also involved with relief work. Or you can do some research online and/or contact your local relief aid organisation to get things started. Once you find an organisation that you are comfortable with, ask them about child sponsorship options and a brochure and that should get things moving.

Muslim Aid’s poverty reduction programs are playing a huge part in the fixation of the issues of hunger and poverty. These programs work in the areas of livelihood, health and nutrition, education and microfinance.

You can join hands with Muslim Aid and prevent such situation where people have to die due to hunger and poverty. Muslim Aid offers many programs that cater to different levels of child sponsorship. Our goal is to make sponsorship affordable to as many people as possible so they do take part in it. For as little as £3 a month, you can oversee a child’s proper upbringing includes food, clothes and health. It’s a life changing donation one that every person should strive to give.

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