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It Could Cost You A Whole Lot More

It’s amazing how we get carried away with our day to day lives, in our own little bubble, isn’t it? Time carries on whilst we observe our daily tasks almost on auto-pilot, and before we even know it another week has passed by, another month, another year…


In the meantime, whilst we have been stressing about this and that and all things that seem important, how many people have died from starvation and lack of shelter?


Doesn’t really cross our minds, does it? Whilst we’re strolling up and down the local supermarket with our trolley, trying to figure out why there are no croissants left on the shelf or why your preferred brand of tea bags is not on offer. Does it even cross our minds when we are in the high street stores, looking for a new outfit for that special day we have coming up? Not even realising that you have a very similar top at home and the exact same jeans.


How about when we are shopping in those premium stores in the posh areas of the city? Where we think that particular bottle of perfume is quite reasonable at £125 in the sale. It was £185 when you first bought it last year. How about that designer handbag sitting pristinely on the shelf that seems to be screaming out our name, you totter along to it in your incredibly expensive shoes, entranced by this beautiful bag that could be yours for 3 and a half months’ worth of wages. Why not join us over at and feel like you are really making a difference to humanity.


Wow! What is happening to us? We live in a world where one single designer handbag could feed an entire village of those in need for a whole month, and then some. And although, it is in no persons righteous place to judge us but our Creator, Allah SWT, what us humans do not realise is that we are continuously being tested by such temptations of this world, including me.


We are failing so miserably. That handbag, those incredible shoes and that beautiful scent will not be buried with us in our graves, my brothers and sisters. Let’s open our eyes for real and try to see the purpose we are here for, in its entirety. Let’s take these blindfolds off, for it is our good deeds that will be buried with us when we die, they will go some way in saving us from our sins, whilst spending on unnecessary possessions could cost us a lot more; in the hereafter.


Is it worth it?


Donate to today and help someone in desperate need of just a small fraction of what we are throwing away on a daily basis, what we are wasting. The cost of that new handbag that you had your eye on could help to save many lives. Always consider your purchases and instead think about helping someone in need.

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