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It’s a New Year to Warm Hearts

People living in the United Kingdom are all too familiar with English winters. They can be excruciating without warm clothes and shelter. No one wants a repeat of 1962-63. For those who do not know, the winter of 1962-63 was one of the coldest winters on record in the UK.


Temperatures dropped to below zero causing many lakes and rivers to freeze and snow blanketed most of the region. Six inches of snow poured down on Manchester City Center alone. Keele University in Staffordshire received a whopping 18 inches of snow bringing life to a standstill. Combine that with gusty winds and damp weather, it can safely be said that for the most part people stayed indoors.


2015 may have just arrived, but it’s been winter in the UK since December. With falling temperatures and rising winds, this winter season is already proving to be a testing one. This is especially true for people who are homeless and the elderly. According to the Daily Mail, more than 24,000 elderly people in the United Kingdom died in 2012 due to the adverse effects of cold weather and rising heating bills. These people simply cannot afford warm clothes or shelter due to poverty and social isolation. They were left to deal with the adverse weather effects on their own. 24,000 is an astounding number. However, with a little help and support, these deaths could have been prevented and precious lives saved.


The Warm Hearts Campaign by Muslim Aid


Being mindful of such statistics and realising that more needs to be done to keep the elderly warm and away from the cold weather, Muslim Aid has been stepping up and taking action to warm hearts during the winter season. Our successful Warm Hearts Campaign has been running for years now and it has impacted thousands of lives.


The essence of the Warm Hearts Campaign is providing the elderly and homeless with supplies that will enable them to withstand the winter season. Our staff and volunteers reach out to the elderly and the homeless locally as well as nationally. Each person receives a Muslim Aid Keep Warm Kit. It contains day to day essentials that will help them to stay warm. It includes warm blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, socks and hats. There are also basic food provisions. However, the aid to the homeless and the elderly does not stop here.


We provide people with shelter so they can stay warm and also find places for them to eat such as soup kitchens. We work hard to hold gatherings and create a support group of people helping others and bringing like-minded individuals to the table. The idea is to combat loneliness and isolation.


Get Involved In A Good Cause


Start 2015 by warming hearts. Your donation of £50 will go a long way in ensuring people stay warm this winter and, more importantly, survive it. Start 2015 positively. Click here to contribute to a good cause and make your donation today!


You can text your donation as well. Simply text WINTER £3, WINTER £5 or WINTER £10 to 70660. Please note that a text costs £3 plus network charges. Muslim Aid will receive 100% of your donation and ensure your donation is put to good use.

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