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It’s No Longer A Revolution, Its Civil War

It began as an uprising, an uprising that became a revolution, a revolution that gained traction both nationally and internationally and inspired many Syrians not just inside Syria but also across the globe to put their lives at risk in hopes of a better tomorrow.

That was almost 3 years ago, in early 2011.

Today, the situation in Syria paints a completely different and disheartening picture. All that talk about a new and better tomorrow has disappeared. No one mentions the word revolution anymore. Instead, the newspapers use words like massacre, bloodshed and genocide. Who would have thought that Syria, a once peaceful country renowned for its beautiful mosques and exquisite scenery would become the landscape for the worst humanitarian crisis in the last 20 years? This is not what a revolution should look like. 

This is civil war. Or at least that is what the newspapers are calling it.

Muslim Aid was one of the first relief aid agencies to arrive on the Syrian border in response to the Syrian crisis. Had this been a revolution, as we would like to think, we might have arrived in Syria under better circumstances. Instead what we saw were flocks of Syrians who were making a run for the border crossing into Lebanon, Jordan and other neighbouring countries to save their lives. Most of them had only the clothes on their backs. Some were injured from violent sectarian clashes. Some didn’t even have shoes. There were hungry women and children. New-born babies in need of immunisations. Pregnant women in need of maternal care. That is when we initiated our Syria Relief Aid Campaign. We received great support from our valued donors and it enabled us to undertake ambitious projects with great success. Two clinics were built along the Jordanian border with Syria providing medical care for the injured, elderly, women and children.

Our relief work also took us further north to the Lebanese border where we managed to provide adequate housing for over 2000 Syrian families who had to flee the country overnight to save their lives. Being mindful of the cold weather in the region we also distributed blankets and hygiene packs to an additional 500 families.

Syria is a country of over 22 million people. Only 2 million made it to the borders. What about the 20 million left behind? We were equally mindful of that fact and, hence, expanded our relief work to the other side of the border. It took quite a few partnerships, collaborations with third parties and other affiliates to finally connect the dots where a relief aid pack would make its way to the intended recipient inside Syria.

This is certainly not the better tomorrow the Syrian people envisioned for themselves. All that is gone now. A better tomorrow will only come if the Syrian crisis ends which to this day, almost 3 years into the Syria crisis has shown no signs of becoming a reality. Now these people just want to see tomorrow. And the only way that would happen is for the relief aid to keep arriving on time and this is where we can make a difference as human beings.

Do your part in saving Syria today. Donate to Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Aid Campaign and ensure that these Syrian refugees never give up on tomorrow.

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