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January is Celebration of Life Month

January is Celebration of Life month, which is very fitting considering it’s 2015. The purpose of life is to enjoy it and live a good one. There are many ways to go about it and participating in a Muslim Aid relief aid campaign or doing volunteer charity work is no doubt some of the best ways you can do so.


We should be thankful for the life we have, but we should also be mindful of the life that others have and whether there is any way we can make it better. One of the things that make us human is that we can feel other people’s pain, in the same way, that we can feel their joy. As a society living in the modern world of today, we have already decided that we will always come to the help of people who need it. We will do whatever we possibly can in order to do our part.


Some people make financial contributions. Others make volunteer commitments. Some focus specifically on charities that address problems that resonate with them. We all go about it in our own way. Many people don’t have time for charity, and these are the people that should be made aware of the issues surrounding this world.


Take the Tsunami of 2004, for instance. The whole world saw the destruction unfold on live television. People, even [entire] nations, united to ensure that the devestation left behind in the wake of the Tsunami did not paralyse Indonesia and the surrounding countries, and that the people got their lives back on track. Muslim Aid was actively involved in the project. We received a very positive response to the campaign, and we utilised the funds on numerous development projects. These projects included providing clean water and sanitation to the locals and building roads. provided the affected people with vital daily life supplies such as food, shelter, clothing, medicine and even educational programs such as health awareness.


Ten years later, the region that once was covered with contaminated water now paints a different picture. People have found normality in their lives. They have managed to overcome the odds and start over without having to relocate and live as refugees in neighbouring countries. They are back in the workforce. Tourists have started coming back again. The economy is stabilizing. Overall quality of living is improving. Even though, a lot of work remains to be done, the changes are noticeable and clearly visible because people have an understanding of the value of life.


As we welcome January as the Celebration of Life Month, we should encourage people to get involved in charity work. Even if they are unable to make a financial commitment, they can still donate their time. Attend a charity event or assist in organizing it. Do volunteer work and if a relief aid campaign appeals to you, get involved in it and participate. Browse through Muslim Aid’s active campaigns, and get involved. Start 2015 on a positive note. If a relief aid campaign calls out to you, then get involved and participate by clicking right here today!

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