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Muslim Aid & Sainsbury's: Bringing You the Best of Both Worlds

Ever wondered if there was a way of trying to do your bit without having to remind yourself to remember? As bad as that sounds, it is often very easy to get lost in our busy and hectic everyday lives and forget about some of those things that matter, the things that we subconsciously intend to do but ultimately forget.

So, the question stands, ‘How do you amalgamate giving and receiving all in one’?

Easy, you pick something that you do daily without fail and link it with something important that we need to or should remember to do.  

When we do our daily, weekly or monthly grocery shop, does the sheer amount of choice we have even cross our minds in comparison to what some people are not fortunate enough to have?

Not always, right? We are humans; we forget things sometimes.

It is human nature to feel guilty about it, but there’s no need to feel guilt-ridden anymore because you can now shop at Sainsbury’s for a good cause!

Yes, you read that right.

The Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card, the best for both, without any cost to you.  

Sainsbury’s have teamed up with Muslim Aid, in association with Give as You Live, in a bid to help raise funds towards those in need and here’s the best news for you: it won’t even cost you a penny!  

All you need to do is register for the New Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card, top up your card online for in-store shopping, and Sainsbury’s will match 4% of your uploaded amount and donate it to Muslim Aid, for free!

Not only does this scheme help those that are less fortunate than us, but it also helps you to budget your weekly or monthly grocery spend as you shop.

For your added convenience, you can top up your card and view your balance on the go with the mobile friendly site.

So, what are you waiting for? Shopping for your own groceries can raise money for those who are in need of them too, register and activate your Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card now.

For more information on our campiagns and causes, be sure to follow our blog for regular updates.

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