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Inequality exists in all societies. Unfortunately, it has become one of the root causes of poverty for millions of disadvantaged people living across the globe. Victims of inequality in any society have limited access to basic necessities and resources like education, healthcare, water and sanitation and housing.

Fighting inequality is about giving people their right to live with dignity and respect. Confronting inequality is ultimately a battle against poverty. Muslim Aid works in over 70 countries offering relief and development aid to tackle poverty. It aims to achieve its goals by transforming marginalized and vulnerable communities into active citizens and valuable contributors to the economic growth of their respective societies. Fighting inequality is about giving people their right to live with dignity and respect.

To commemorate Blog Action Day 2014, Muslim Aid would like to share the words of various people who have faced inequality and fought against it.

“I suffered from physical and mental disabilities since birth. My father’s income of only 500 rupees per day made life even more difficult as we had to live in a temporary shelter with no water, sanitation or electrical facilities. Muslim Aid built a poultry farm for my family which bought an income of 15000 rupees in the first harvest. My family now has enough money to buy medicines and afford treatment for me.” Mohammed Rifas from Sri Lanka.

“I received a water well from Muslim Aid and I can now grow vegetables in front of the house to earn more profit. My family and I were unable to grow crops during the dry season due to lack of water and now we can provide for ourselves.” Mrs Chanthu from Cambodia

“I was seriously wounded during the Bosnian war and spent three years in a wheelchair. I was also diagnosed with a tumour on my large intestine and lung. I had gone through four surgeries and lived on the fifth floor. I rarely came out of my apartment because I could walk only with the help of a crutch. With the house constructed by Muslim Aid, my life is now much easier. It is hard to explain my happiness with words. My wife and I use the land near the house for planting some vegetables which provided healthy food for us.” Samir from Bosnia

“I had a passion for sewing and embroidery and wanted to establish a business but did not have sufficient money. I joined Muslim Aid’s Microfinance programme in Sudan and used funds to purchase sewing machines and raw materials. I am now able to earn 2,500 SDG (£250) per month by making Sudanese dresses. I am very happy to make dresses for hospital staff in Khartoum from which I received 40,000 SDG (£4000).” Nafissa from Sudan

“I lived with nine siblings and five cousins in a two bedroom house. Due to lack of financial support, I was not able to obtain the necessary equipment or stationery for his education. In grade four I was unable to obtain good marks because of the trauma and stress from the death of my parents. Through Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family Child Sponsorship Programme, I receive school uniform, shoes and learning materials.” Mulumba from South Africa

Muslim Aid hopes these words inspire people to continue to address inequality and to reduce and eliminate poverty.

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