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Muslim Aid Assisting Bangladesh with Water and Sanitation Projects

Water and sanitation have always been key issues in the South East Asian country of Bangladesh. If it’s not the heavy monsoon season, it’s providing clean, hygienic water to the public. The situation is particularly dire in school. According to a few recent statistics, around 80% of schools in the country have access to a drinking water source. That means the other 20% school are operating without any water for drinking and sanitation purposes. Furthermore, of the 80% that do have access, only 60% are functional. The remaining have malfunctioned and required upgrades or maintenance to be able to function again properly. has been working in Bangladesh for many years. We have conducted numerous flood relief campaigns, social development projects and water projects in this region. Below is a quick synopsis of what Muslim Aid has been able to accomplish in Bangladesh as far as water projects go.

  • Muslim Aid has constructed WASH facilities for 30 schools. Furthermore, we have repaired and upgraded non-functioning WASH facilities in 26 additional schools so as to provide water access to the students and teachers
  • Creating awareness on the importance of preserving water is integral to all our water projects. In light of this, Muslim Aid has created a team of 250 children who have been tasked with the important duty of spreading the word. They aim to teach other communities and schools about the importance of water, and why good hygiene should be maintained at all times. According to the latest calculations, over 250 schools have benefitted from this approach including over 700 teachers and 75,000 students
  • Building wells is a core part of our strategy to provide water access to citizens of Bangladesh. In 2013, Muslim Aid built a total of 841 wells. These wells are now fully operational. Nearby communities and villages have been able to benefit greatly from them
  • Providing access to clean water is one thing. Training communities on how to preserve water and talking about the importance of safe hygiene is quite another. Our support staff have been instrumental in creating awareness amongst people and assisting them in making the most of their natural resources

The idea is to highlight the importance of preserving water in this volatile yet highly populated region, and also talk about some of the work that has been done in order to get a hold of the situation. The situation is no doubt improving but there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done. Projects like Dig a Well, water and sanitation projects and other forms of aid like distribution of water bottles, cost a significant investment of time and money. We have staff and the resources to get us there. What we need is a little support on the home front.


For more information on water and sanitation projects in Bangladesh or to find out how you can get involved in similar ventures, be sure to visit Muslim Aid’s website today.


A massive 71% of the world’s surface is covered with water. There is no reason people should not have access to clean, drinking water today.

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