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Muslim Aid Begins in the Name of Allah (SWT)


In the name of Allah; the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

These are the very first words of the Holy Qur’an, our book of guidance, and a sentence with which every surah (except Surah Tawbah) begins. This is a strong indication that it is highly recommended for us to begin most things with Bismillah. Thus, it is highly recommended that we start most things we do with the name of our Lord.

What are the benefits of saying Bismillah, though? We have listed just some of the advantages below.

Brings You Closer to Allah

You are seeking Allah SWT’s blessing and guidance in your actions. Reciting Allah SWT’s name before doing anything will make you think twice before committing any sins, because you will be aware of the fact that you began with Allah SWT’s name, and His name is pure and virtuous; hence your actions should follow purely.

Seeking Protection from Your Lord

When we turn to Allah SWT, in response, Allah SWT turns to us as well. Should we seek help and guidance in Allah SWT’s name, Allah will bless us, guide us and protect us all the way.

Shames shaytaan (satan)

Starting with Bismillah lowers shaytaan and pushes him farther and farther away. Shaytaan cannot take part in that activity, or tempt you away from any good deed committed with the right intention.

The Barakah (blessings) in Bismillah

Imagine how blessed our every step would be if taken in Allah SWT’s name? We increase our blessings by reciting Allah SWT’s name.

Reciting Bismillah is recommended before any permissible good deed or act. Some examples of when Bismillah would be recited are:

  • Upon beginning to eat or drink
  • Upon intending to fast and breaking one’s fast 
  • Upon waking or sleeping
  • Upon praying
  • Upon any act of kindness or charity
  • Before embarking on a journey
  • At the beginning of every good intention
  • Before performing wudhu / ghusl (ablution)

And much, much more.

We should always remember to habitually start all good tasks in the name of Allah SWT, to remind ourselves of His greatness and mercy. We can doubt ourselves, but we could never doubt our Creator. Put your trust and faith in Allah SWT.

Allah knows best.

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