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Muslim Aid Conducts Relief Aid Work In Aleppo

This Ramadan has been a very testing one for Muslims in some parts of the world; particularly for refugees and for families who have been displaced by war, the month was extremely tough and demanding. However, Muslims from around the world have answered the call and donated generously to different campaigns and programmes geared towards improving the quality of life for these people and helping them get through the tough times. The Syria crisis is more than three years old and to date it has shown no signs of improving, in fact; it is getting worse. Relief aid agencies like Muslim Aid have been working on the ground with multiple partners and vendors to ensure different forms of aid flow through Syria to reach locations that are otherwise cut off. 

To ensure a smooth arrival and distribution of relief aid in Syria, Muslim Aid initiated the Syria Relief Aid campaign with the sole intention of helping the displaced refugees and also assist those who are forced to stay behind. The latest news coming out of Syria is horrifying. With the war in Syria showing no signs of slowing down, the number of orphans and refugees in Syria is constantly rising. There are more than 2.8 million refugees living in five host countries. And more than 12 million Syrians living both inside and outside Syria are in dire need of assistance. Makeshift hospitals within Syria and those on the border are operating beyond full capacity. There is an ever-present need for medicine and medical equipment. On top of that, there is a severe shortage of daily consumables; even the most necessary of essentials such as water.

Muslim Aid Steps In

Muslim Aid realises that there is an enormous amount of work to be done in Syria. Getting people proper aid is part of the objective. However, providing them with essentials is a must; refugee or not, every person should have access to clean water. To ensure that supply of fresh water to refugees, Muslim Aid went to Aleppo’s southern suburb where we distributed thousands of Aqua-box filters such as the ones shown above to thousands of people.

You Have a Role to Play

You have a role to play in this as well. Your donation goes a long way in ensuring a refugee child is fed and clothed properly. It is after all because of donations that Muslim Aid has managed to accomplish great things in Syria such as building two makeshift hospitals. Donate to Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Aid Campaign and do your part in making things better for the people of Syria. Visit our newly designed website to browse through different campaigns and check out our blog for the latest news and developments.

Donate today for a better tomorrow.

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