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Muslim Aid Joins Hand with His Church Charity UK

It is always a good sight to see different charities and organizations come together to promote a good cause. It signifies the importance of that particular campaign and reflects just how excited and enthusiastic people are to see it succeed.


Aid agencies often work together, especially on high profile issues and aid projects. Muslim Aid has collaborated with many different organizations and aid agencies over the years. In fact, just recently, Muslim Aid partnered up with BRT UK and hosted the Screaming Tears event. Together, we raised more than £20K for the people of Rohingya, an exiled community that has fled the region due to the constant pain and sufferings. Follow this link to donate and support our campaigns today!


Furthermore, in an incredible display of interfaith cooperation and humanitarian partnership, Muslim Aid joined hands with His Church Charity UK as part of a relief drive to look after and care for the homeless people. The joint venture was in part to promote The Warm Hearts Winter Campaign by Muslim Aid. It has been an enormous success and continues to get massive amounts of support from local communities.


For those who are not fully aware of the project, the Warm Hearts Winter Campaign is designed to assist homeless people and the elderly in keeping warm and well fed during the winter. From the very beginning of 2015, the winter season has been extremely brutal, not just in UK but in other parts of the world as well. Just recently, United States witnessed its coldest weather in history, with an estimated one meter of snow falling the New York and surrounding areas.


English winters are equally unforgiving. And while most of us can afford to stay warm indoors, homeless people or people who can’t afford to pay for heat, are left to endure the storm on their own. An estimated 30,000 people died in the UK last year due to cold weather. This is a huge loss of life that could have been avoided, which is why Muslim Aid initiated the Warm Hearts Winter Campaign. As part of the campaign, people donate warm clothing and blankets to homeless people and the elderly. They also provide them with easy to consume edibles to keep them full and warm during the chilly weather. The goal is to help them survive the winter season so they can welcome summer with open arms.


By teaming with His Church Charity UK, Muslim Aid was able to reach more people in different communities and regions within the United Kingdom. Together, we visited various homeless support centers in different communities and distributed sleeping bags to the homeless. The venture was a huge success. Already, we are in line to work with Streetlytes UK where we will provide winter warm kits to homeless and to all those who need it.


Be sure to check out our blog and visit our website frequently to continue receiving updates on different campaigns and joint relief aid ventures. We look forward to seeing you out there, as we undertake local community improvement projects this year.

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