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Muslim Aid Visits St. Chad Sanctuary

February may be drawing to an end but the winter season is still with us, and it does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. The winter season in the United Kingdom can be brutal. People inside homes and office buildings can feel their teeth clatter. One can only imagine how homeless people go through this ordeal. The latest report by The Telegraph paints a grim picture. It is expected that almost 40,000 lives will be lost this year due to elderly people and homeless not being able to survive the cold. Muslim Aid initiated the Warm Hearts Campaign in an effort to provide warm clothing for these people and all those who are affected by the severe weather. Over the years, we have found other partners and organizations that have teamed up with us to do the same collectively; consequently enabling us to reach a larger number of affected people.


In today’s post, we will highlight one such joint venture. This one was with St. Chads Sanctuary in Birmingham where Muslim Aid personnel and volunteers were present in full force. The sanctuary is home to many homeless people who eat here and often take shelter. We reached out to St. Chad’s Sanctuary and they were delighted at the opportunity to work together for a good cause.


In collaboration with St. Chad’s Sanctuary, Muslim Aid was able to distribute hundreds of Keep Warm kits to hundreds of homeless and elderly people. It was a great feeling to be able to help, and we could tell how much they appreciated the Keep Warm Kits. These were people who had very little support on the home front. Manytold us that it was the best gift anyone could have ever given them. Muslim Aid was privileged to be a part of such an inspiring collective effort.


For those of you who are not familiar, the Warm Hearts Campaign is a Muslim Aid initiative aimed to provide warm clothing and accessories to the elderly and homeless. We do so by distributing a Keep Warm kit among the recipients. Each kit contains a warm blanket, warm clothing such as gloves, scarf, and socks and also a few edibles that are easily consumable. The idea is to ensure people don’t become part of a statistic but rather become survivors instead.


Joint ventures like this are extremely helpful in terms of facilitating a large number of people. The winter season does not seem to be diminishing so we were happy to put more Keep Warm kits to good use. There are people out there that need it. We look forward to working with other agencies in the future in order to provide more and more people with our Keep Warm kits so that they can survive the winter long enough to welcome the summer season. Check out Muslim Aid’s website on how you can get involved in projects like the Warm Hearts Campaign.

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