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New Medical Supplies Arrive in Gaza

The last few months have been particularly hard on the people of Gaza. Too many innocent lives have been lost, and for many the misery continues. The good news for now is that the violence has died down, and the relief aid work can expand. This is good news because it means that the people of Gaza can try to restore some calm and normalcy to their lives. 

With the ceasefire in effect, relief aid organisations and other humanitarian groups can finally get to the isolated areas and reach out to local communities, to assist them in whatever way possible. Muslim Aid has been at the forefront of the crisis relief. Over two decades of relief aid work has taught us a lot about how to move aid into sensitive areas, and how to reach out to the most isolated communities of any region. Even before the ceasefire, as the conflict raged, Muslim Aid was hard at work with aid organizations on the ground. We supplied people with water bottles because their water supply was completely nonexistent, and we provided food rations to families who had been living in terror as the crisis worsened around them.

To say that Gaza was in a state of emergency would be an understatement. There was a genuine lack of everything needed to sustain life in the region.  Food, electricity, water and medicine were all in desperately short supply.

Providing medical aid to the people of Gaza was a priority here at Muslim Aid. There was a genuine need for it, and every minute was crucial. From basic medicines and pain relief drugs, to vaccinations and other medical equipment for hospitals, everything was in short supply and great demand. Thus, Muslim Aid launched the Gaza Relief Aid campaign to tackle these issues.

Recently, we supplied important medical aid to the people of Gaza. We had help along the way, including from many volunteers who donated their time. In conjunction with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), Muslim Aid worked tirelessly around the clock to replenish the much deprived medical stores and provide medical aid.

According to a recent analysis, over 300 additional patients will be able to seek treatment for their wounds now. Furthermore, an additional 1200 emergency patients will be able to get treatment every month. That is a huge improvement on the previous setup, which had almost collapsed due to the ongoing crisis.

We couldn’t have done this alone. Thanks in large part to our valued donors and supporters, the Gaza Emergency Appeal campaign has been extremely busy and working 24/7 to get the aid to the intended recipients.

You can help the Gaza cause by donating to Muslim Aid so that more relief aid and ration packs can reach the people of Gaza. More medical supplies can treat children and the elderly. More daily supplies can reach families so they can move on from the recent tragedy, and bring some peace and calm to their lives.

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