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New Year's Resolutions: A Different Perspective

With every New Year comes the opportunity of a fresh start, a new beginning - transformations to be made; resolutions to be kept; poor habits to be changed.

Some of the most popular resolutions for New Year include losing weight, saving money or ticking things off personal bucket lists. Many of us use this opportunity as a time of reflection to realise what we aren’t doing enough of and should be doing more of. So, this year, instead of looking at things from a singular perspective, why not look at the bigger picture and vow to do something for someone else this time, instead? Maybe you can choose to volunteer your time for a good cause or do something towards helping the homeless – whether this is through provisions for everyday life or helping them get off the streets.

Across the world and even closer to home on our very own doorstep, there are many millions of people struggling to survive the blisteringly cold winter months. They are without homes and without sufficient food, water or warm clothing will be suffering as the winter months draw in.

A huge number of those living rough include the elderly and children; many of these are vulnerable due to age and circumstance and sadly, a large number of these may not make it through the worst of these winter nights.

Life Goals

From the comfort of our own cosy living rooms, fully equipped with fireplaces, central heating, hot water bottles, blankets and all the other luxuries we often tend to overlook, it is hard to believe that so many are struggling without even the bare necessities, just around the corner from us or further afield.

Doing something good for others earns many benefits such as self-fulfilment and contentment whilst reaping countless rewards at the same time. We all find ourselves looking for ways that could simplify processes in life in an attempt to make things more convenient; yet what we often fail to see is that perhaps we already have far more than what we need in comparison to many millions out there who don’t even have what they need to survive.

Why We Need your Help

There are many people all over the world that will be suffering this winter. Whether they are in the towns and cities close by or further afield, our helping the homeless Warm Hearts campaign is there to help them through. Help us distribute essential, life-saving fuel, hygiene kids and food packs to those who need it most.

So this New Year, instead of vowing to improve your own life for the better, why not make a promise to change someone else’s? Donate to Muslim Aid’s Warm Hearts Winter Campaign and join us in our bid to helping the homeless make it through the winter to see in the New Year.

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