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Part 3: Muslim Aid‘s A-Z of Charity

Part Three: N - S

Like most charity organisations, here at Muslim Aid, our core aim and focus is to help deliver much-needed help and assistance to those who are less fortunate than us; and in order to do this, we need your continued support.

Day after day, people out there need our help, whether they are living in poverty, in war-torn and conflicted countries or have suffered at the hands of a natural disaster or emergency crises.

We have successfully made a difference to many hundreds and thousands of people in need, which we would not have been able to achieve without your support. However, there are still many more people around the world who need our help.

In a bid to raise awareness of just how many causes there are – on both a national and international scale - we continue our campaign overview in part three of our A-Z Charity special.

Need is Greatest

Hunger, disease and poverty are responsible for devastating millions of lives worldwide every year. Whether this is caused by a lack of clean water and sanitation, poor nutrition or a desperate need of shelter, whether this is caused by war and conflict or natural disaster – you can ensure your donation goes to where the need is greatest first. 


There are over 150 million orphaned children worldwide today. Amongst many other things, such as support and education, children also need sufficient love to ensure physical and mental development. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Sponsor a child with Muslim Aid today and take part in our Rainbow Family Programme.


Muslim Aid distributes your Qurbani amongst over 50 countries worldwide every year. During Qurbani last year, your offerings were distributed to over 10 million people worldwide.

Regular Giving

It is important to remember that those in need do not only suffer during seasonal occasions such as Ramadan and Qurbani, there are people suffering from poverty worldwide; day in, day out. Your regular donations can help make a difference, no matter how large or small the amount.


The never-ending crisis in Syria continues to destruct the lives of those that reside, or once resided there. Many people are injured and killed on a daily basis, and much of the ground that remains is in ruins. 

Keep an eye out for the final section of the Muslim Aid A-Z Charity special, available here soon.

Help us to keep serving humanity and donate to Muslim Aid; visit our website or contact our friendly team today, on 020 7377 4200. 

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