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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Whenever you go to mosque or to a religious gathering, you hear people all around you preaching about Islam and its teachings. Some of which you may agree with and some you may not. That is only for Allah SWT to judge, but how many of us and those amongst us actually demonstrate this in our actions?


In Ramadan, Mash’Allah, there were many youngsters travelling around, selling cakes to raise money for Syria, organising charity dinners and events to raise funds towards a good cause. It is well-known that the act of giving in Ramadan is greatly rewarded and it’s so beautiful to see children and adults of all ages doing their utmost best to deliver results via fundraising.


But now that Ramadan has left us, does it mean those people that were in need suddenly don’t need our help anymore? Is it just one month in a year that those that are less fortunate deserve our giving?


No. There are still millions of people all over the world that need our help; charity doesn’t just begin nor does it end in Ramadan. Our purpose is to be able to give wherever and whenever we can, the blessings from Allah SWT are just as many if you are giving purely with your heart and with the right intentions.


We can talk about our views on Islam until we go blue in the face, or we can debate about the difference in our opinions until the cows come home, but one thing remains the same; charity is still greatly rewarded in Islam and always will be. Allah SWT loves generosity and it is our job to prove that humanity still exists in this world by helping our brothers and sisters. Islam is so simple and straight forward.


From war-stricken countries to famine, poverty to lack of healthcare and education; there is always somewhere people need our help. The satisfaction of helping someone or performing a good deed in itself is very rewarding, so can you imagine how great the reward in the hereafter will be?


So brothers and sisters, let's unite and humble ourselves, let's stand together and help the other half. There is no point in wealth if we have nobody to share it with. Let’s stop talking and do something about what is going on around us and at least try to put things right.


Whether you feed the hungry, sponsor an orphan or just want to help towards a good cause, join Muslim Aid in proving that humanity does still exist in this world.

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