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Ramadan 2014 Checklist

The blessed month of Ramadan is here.

Muslims around the world are rejoicing at Ramadan’s arrival, because it is the month of unlimited blessings. It is a month of forgiveness, for contemplation and to donate Zakat to the poor. Adding to the significance of Ramadan is the fact that Lailat-ul-Qadr, also known as the Night of Power, lies within Ramadan. Every Muslim strives to attain the blessings of this night so as to be successful in the afterlife. The blessings of Ramadan are abundant, not least on this night.

However, just like any other occasion or event, there are things that should be in order; a checklist of sorts for Ramadan. We have put together a handy checklist for our readers and supporters. It contains only the essentials that we think would be a great addition to the household and ensure they have a joyous, memorable and pleasant Ramadan.

Stock Up On Dates

Let’s start with consumable items first. Dates are an essential food in Ramadan. Muslims open their fast with dates. Even though using dates is not mandatory, it was an act preferred by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). As such, Muslims follow in his footsteps and do the same. Be sure to have plenty of dates stocked in your household. Not only are they delicious, they are also nutritious and full of energy.

Read the Holy Qur’an

In Ramadan, Muslims make a habit of reciting the Qur’an on their own separately in their free time. Doing so carries enormous blessings, particularly during Ramadan. The Holy Qur’an is a book of guidance of all mankind. Be sure to keep a copy of the Qur’an nearby whether at home or work so you can recite it whenever you have some time to spare over the course of Ramadan.

An Extra Prayer Mat

Trips to the local mosques will be more frequent. Ramadan is a time when huge crowds flock to the mosques to pray and read the Holy Qur’an. Keeping an extra prayer rug comes in very handy in case the mosque is full beyond capacity. This can certainly be an issue in Western and European countries where mosques and small prayer halls can become packed in Ramadan. Regardless of where you live, however, having one or two extra prayer mats for Eid prayers is a must. The Eid prayers often take place in vast open fields, auditoriums, football stadiums, and convention centres. Such places, however, often require people to bring their own prayer mat.

Itar (Perfume)

Itar is an exquisite fragrance that men in particular apply to their skin and clothes. Putting on Itar was a favourite act of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), particularly on Eid occasions like Eid-ul-Fitr. On this day, he would dress up nicely and put on Itar in preparation for the day. Just like normal perfumes and fragrances, there are numerous different types of Itar. Be sure to get one that suits you and apply it before going out for prayer on the day of Eid.

This is a small albeit very handy checklist for Ramadan. If you have these things covered, you should be in good shape. Let’s welcome Ramadan with open arms and let’s make sure we get the most out of it this year, Insha’Allah. May Allah (swt) accept the fasts of the Muslim Ummah, Ameen!

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