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Do you ever question why we are on earth and why Allah SWT has made us all so different, from different backgrounds, of different opinions and in different circumstances?


Why is it when something bad happens to us we always question “why me?”


What we fail to realise is that everything that happens is at Allah’s will. He is the Greatest, so how can we even begin to question His judgement? What a lot of us don’t realise, in fact, is that when something bad does happen to us, in some way there is always a benefit in there for us; we just don’t always see it. Every experience we have and every step we take in life leads us to something or somewhere. When we look back we think, “yes, that happened for a reason; or I wouldn’t be at this stage today”. How many people can relate?


As the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining”.


Most of us accept that our parents are the only ones that could ever love us unconditionally, because they made us. Wrong. Our parents DO love us unconditionally, but our Creator, Allah SWT, who has made us, loves us infinitely, yet we sometimes doubt His will. Do not forget Allah SWT will always look out for you, Allah SWT is the one who will always hear you when the world ignores you.


So then it crosses our minds, that if Allah SWT loves His creations so much, then how come there are millions of people out there in the world, suffering from poverty, starvation, war, torture and without shelter?


The answer stares us directly in the face.


We have always been taught that life is a test for all, right? My fellow brothers and sisters; this is our test, right in front of our very own eyes, yet we choose to ignore it and look after the life we have been loaned; a life that isn’t ours, a body that isn’t ours – it is the property of Allah SWT.


The rich get richer; the poor get poorer…


Yes! It is a test; to see what we do with our given wealth and whether we help Allah’s other creation by sharing our wealth and helping them. Allah SWT loves generosity, for we all know this wealth isn’t our true wealth; it is just worldly goods. The Angels of Death will not come to us and ask us how much we have left in our wallets to spend on ourselves, but will ask us how many of our good deeds outweighed the bad; and that is where the real journey will begin.


So, my dear brothers and sisters, do not hold on to your wealth; for what you think is yours isn’t really yours. Reach out and help those who are suffering, who are also being tested by Allah SWT, but in a different way – just not with greed.


Sometimes, we get so lost in our worldly goods that we forget Allah SWT in our daily life, yet they don’t forget Him, they still have faith in Him. Wake up people, reach out and help those in need, earn the real wealth; the kind of wealth you can carry over to the hereafter.


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