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Time; everything we do in our lives is based on time. Our daily routines, weekly structures, our plans for today, for tomorrow and our future – all based on time. The time we spend sleeping or relaxing, the time we need to pray and the time in which we work. The time it takes for a mother to carry her child within her body, the number of years parents spend in nurturing their child. The time it takes to realise things in life and the time it takes to get old. Hence, our age is based on time. What we know and go on to achieve is all based on time. What we experience is based on time. Throughout our time we learn things, we pick things up and absorb this information in our brains but all the while we are working around the one main constituent; and that is time. Join us as we come togther to serve those less fortunate than us!


There is a particular time for school and particular times in which people work. There are opening and closing times for businesses. Memories go back in time; plans look toward the future. Birthdays, anniversaries, deaths and dates, occasions, weddings, gatherings and meetings; are all based on time. Time can heal or time can cause sorrow. Our entire existence is dominated by time.


We have established that time holds importance in every single thing we do, but do we remember that our time here on earth is also timed? It is finite; it is temporary.  The time we have been given is sufficient time to do good by others, to help others and to share with others, to increase our good deeds and repent for our sins. The only problem is not knowing when our time is up.  


While we are on this earth, though, we must consider how we have used our time. Has it been based on ourselves and our loved ones or have we donated time where it is needed the most? If time is tight, what have we done to ensure that our time in the hereafter is easier?


Remember, helping others is never a waste of time; it is an act that will create a better time for other people today and a better time in the hereafter for us. People are dying all around us, from world disaster, poverty, lack of food and water and it is high time that we united and helped others in their time of need.


Donate to,  towards a good cause, or even volunteer your time.


As the saying goes “there is no time like the present”. Donate today.

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