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Saving lives in Syria - Donate £10 today

The winter season has officially established itself in the mountainous regions of Lebanon, Jordan, Northern Syria and most parts of the Middle East. For many people, that might be a welcoming change from the grueling summer but for the 2.2 million Syrian refugees living in makeshift camps and tents in neighbouring countries, it qualifies as another obstacle. launched its Syria Relief Aid Campaign in order to provide for these refugees whose lives have been ravaged by war, violence and bloodshed. The generous contributions from our valued donors has enabled us to provide water, food, clothes and medicine to the refugees and to assist them in whatever way possible during these extremely difficult times. The change in weather has made a bad situation worse. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian people are surviving it as we speak without any warm clothes or blankets leaving them vulnerable to the adverse effects of the cold weather.


To combat that, Muslim Aid is urgently appealing to its readers and viewers to continue their support for the Syrian cause and be generous with donations. Anyone can get involved and contribute towards this good cause. Muslim Aid is accepting donations on their website and in order to give people an idea about how far their contributions will go, they have highlighted the impact of specific donation amounts and what that would provide for the Syrian people living in refugee camps around the world.


To reiterate, a donation of £10 will provide a warm blanket for a refugee ensuring a good night’s sleep staying warm rather than shivering in the night. A donation of £30 would enable a Syrian refugee child to be sponsored for one month. Not only is this a great humanitarian gesture, it is a great accomplishment for the human soul on a spiritual level. A £50 donation will provide a winter warmth kit for an entire family. Those who have fled Syria have abandoned everything, so a £50 contribution would make the lives of these families somewhat easier when it comes to dealing with the abhorrently cold weather. Click here and donate to several great causes today and change several lives now!


Over a hundred thousand innocent lives have been lost due to the on-going Syrian crisis. These refugees may have evaded death by relocating outside Syria but continue dying on an emotional level. They are counting on our support to get them through this tough time. Muslim Aid has been on the ground assisting them, utilising the donations from our infinitely compassionate contributors. Though, despite that, there are limitations as to what Muslim Aid can do without your help. Pledge your donation today and limit the suffering.

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