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Screaming Tears Event by Muslim Aid

A large portion of's relief aid effort centers around raising funds for it's numerous campaigns. A great way to do that is by creating awareness among people. Our staff go out and interact with different communities in order to fill them in on what is going on in the world. We talk about how certain regions are suffering due to a natural or man made disaster. Burma has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It has witnessed gruesome human rights violations. One of the communities that have been severely affected by the turmoil is the Rohingya community in Burma.


The Rohingya people were exiled to nowhere, out of sight and out of mind. They were literally left to fend for themselves. The stories that came to light from them were heartbreaking and tragic. Aid agencies were quick to act in order to establish an aid route into Burma and surrounding regions. Muslim Aid’s Burma Appeal has been active for quite some time now ensuring the people of Myanmar are provided for. The recent plight of the Rohingya community compelled us to tell their story to other people.


The world had to know what they had gone through and are still going through. This is why Muslim Aid organized an event that focused on Rohingya community and created awareness among the people in regards to relief aid efforts in that region. That event was called Screaming Tears. In association with BRT UK, Muslim Aid hosted this event which featured some renowned guest speakers and journalists who gave their report and analysis of life in Burma and the suffering of the Rohingya people.


Even today, there is tension in the region. Intense friction between Muslim Rohingya and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists continues to be the cause of the displacement of thousands of people. Many more refugees are across the border in Bangladesh. These refugees have not been getting the support they need. This includes food, shelter, clothing and medicine, and now they face an extremely brutal winter season. This is one of the key issues discussed at the Screaming tears event hosted by Muslim Aid. The aim was to bring people together to raise awareness, provide up-to-date information, and raise funds for their hardship assistance, as well as, obtaining orphan sponsorship. Visit our webpage now and discover how you can sponsor an orphan today!


The response that we received from the event was incredible. Masses of people attended. The event was free if people registered online or £10 for those who arrived at the door. The turnout was even bigger than we expected. Muslim Aid raised over £20K for the people of Burma. These funds will be utilized to ensure the Rohingya community is provided for and to ensure child sponsorship in that region continues.


Muslim Aid would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers and supporters who attended the event or advocated it. However, much work still needs to be done there, and Muslim Aid will continue in its efforts to provide for these people and all of those affected in the region. 

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