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For many years now, Syria has been more commonly thought of as a battleground as opposed to a country where families are living and hoping for the best for their children. The cold, hard reality is that both of these statements are true, which is why Muslim Aid’s Syria appeal is vital to the lives of thousands.

What is the Situation in Syria?

Syria is currently in the middle of a civil war that shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Since 2011, the country has been a danger zone for residents caught up in the unrest that has resulted in what is thought to be close to half a million cumulative fatalities.

To many, that is just a number. But to those directly affected by the unrest, those numbers are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters that they will never have the chance to hold again. The lucky ones are those who were able to lay their loved ones to rest, while many have been denied that simple right.

More than 5.6 million Syrians have fled the country, with a further 6 million displaced inside Syria separated from loved ones who may believe them to be dead. You could be forgiven for becoming desensitised by numerous news stories coming out of Syria every day, but the struggle has never been more real. Behind the headlines is an entire country in turmoil and it is innocent people that are forced to face the consequences.

Children and the Elderly

Your Syria donation will go a long way towards helping to keep those who are most vulnerable safe. Orphaned children and the elderly who have lost their family are most at risk as they are unable to fend for themselves. Without your help, their chances of survival greatly decrease day by day.

We simply cannot allow for another life to end prematurely. Muslim Aid and our partners have been doing everything possible on the ground in the absence of many homes, schools and hospitals as a result of attacks, but we need to do more.

The Risks Faced Every Day

Those caught up in the conflict are vulnerable to all manner of crimes, which include:

l Sexual exploitation of women and children

l Slavery

l Organ harvesting

l Forced imprisonment

Could you imagine reaching out for help, only to have someone take advantage of your helpless state? Sadly, this is the reality that millions are living and it has got to stop. We cannot sit back and accept the circumstances that are a result of the troubles in Syria.

How Your Syria Relief Donation Can Help

Any donation that you make to Muslim Aid’s Syria appeal will be greatly received. It doesn’t take much to provide shelter, food and water for those most in need. In fact, just £70 will pay for a food parcel that will feed an entire family, giving them the sustenance that they desperately require.

As well as helping to feed a family, food packs also include urgently required baby supplies such as formula, nappies, baby wipes and biscuits. While we can take a trip to the local shop to stock up on such supplies, families caught up in the Syrian conflict do not have that luxury and are reliant on humanitarian aid to provide for their children.

Medical supplies to treat the sick and injured are in short supply owing to the numerous hospitals now left in ruins. A kind donation of just £100 can provide essential medical supplies, helping to save lives that may otherwise not have a chance of survival.

The hospitals that do remain standing are short on fuel supply, meaning that while patients can be sheltered, it is difficult to provide adequate treatment. If you were to donate the sum of £250 to Syria, your donation would help to provide fuel to hospitals, as well as to bakeries to help feed the hungry.

We Need Your Help Today

There truly is no time to waste. Any donation, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference to the lives of many living in poverty. Please give today.

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