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The Balance of Life

‘ The life of this world is no more than illusion and vanity, while the abode of the Hereafter is far better for the righteous. Do you not understand? ‘

- (The Holy Qur’an 6:32)

It is extremely easy to get attached to today’s world, wouldn’t you agree?

Our attachment isn’t intentional, however, at the same time, given our knowledge, we are also equally aware of it.

Many feel and say that they will deal with tomorrow, tomorrow and that life is too short. Allah [SWT] reminds us repeatedly to prepare for the Hereafter, as tomorrow is never guaranteed. But, indeed, life in this world is very short-lived, as our ultimate vision is for the Hereafter.

We are getting to the point where we plan our salaah (prayers) around our day when we should be planning our day around our salaah. We have deep conversations with those around us in this world, yet, when we are speaking to our Lord, we talk in haste and sometimes even in distraction, so we can continue with what we were doing in the world.

Money and finances are given infinite importance in the world. So many of us feel that the better off we are financially, the better the quality of life and happiness we have. On top of this, once money is obtained, we are consumed with greed. Too much is then never enough and satisfaction is never found. Money doesn’t make you happy and money isn’t the real wealth, as so many worldly examples can demonstrate. When was the last time somebody was buried with their wallet? The world is nothing but a stop-gap in our journey.

From our early school days and throughout our education, our sole aim becomes fixated on becoming successful by way of career, to gain status, the pride of our parents and financial security. We fail to seek the goal of knowledge we need in order to excel in our Hereafter, however; which is the real reason as to why we are here.

While we are on the subject of greed, we are constantly plotting and planning on how to make our profit from worldly goods. For example, the new iPhone is released; hands up who has already planned to use your contract upgrade to obtain it, then sell it on for self-profit?

Although, even if purchased for oneself, the extortionate amount spent in buying such luxury items for could probably feed a small poverty stricken community for a few weeks!

‘ They ask you, O Muhammad, what they should spend. Say, "Whatever you spend of good is [to be] for parents, relatives, orphans, the needy and the traveller. And whatever you do of good - indeed, Allah is knowing of it." ‘

- The Holy Qur’an (2:215)

We are not here to judge you, as we don’t always lead by example. Allah SWT is our judge.

In the same light, we seem to be easily attracted by the lifestyles of the rich and famous, especially on reality TV.

We spend so much time on how we present ourselves to the people of the world, putting so much emphasis of what people will think or say about us. Self-confidence is faith, character and belief, not image, appeal and physical attraction. Some of us enjoy the attention. We get hurt by comments made by people and what they think of us or how we come across. Not many of us care to rectify or correct the image we portray in front of our Creator.

When a fellow believer tries to guide us we get frustrated, we call it extremism; forgetting that this person may have been sent as a guide to us from Allah SWT, a reminder of our path and where it is leading us. We don’t always see this as a second chance, though, do we? Just knowing the difference between halaal and haraam does not deem us as pure.

So many of us get lost in our daily routines; we live to make a living and trying to make ends meet. What we forget is that days, weeks, months and sometimes even years could fly by and we forget to pick up our gifted book of Guidance; the Holy Qur’an. We often delay the good deeds that we subconsciously feel are a waste of time by leaving those until tomorrow, but that tomorrow never comes. On the same note, some of us feel we don’t have time to educate ourselves onto the right path, how else would we manage to find the time to socialise with our friends or listen to music, for instance?

We continuously fall in love with attractive, worldly goods and designer brands, and then get upset when we cannot afford or obtain them. Not only this, but we also do this as an act of competing with others, and, in turn, we regard people’s success according to their visible and financial status in the world. When we don’t get what we want in this world, we fall into what we label as “depression”.

We also keep friends in which we are secretly competing with; they are not the type of friends who will push us towards our Creator, which is why we regard them as “fun”. A friend that truly has a love for us will genuinely care for our Hereafter as they would their own, right?

We base so much emphasis on physical attraction, constantly judging a book by its cover, judging people by their appearance and attire. If the same people were to mirror this back, we wouldn’t reflect on our own attitude, we would believe we have the right, and, for some reason, that we are superior to them. But in turn, they may be more superior in the eyes of their Creator, which is priceless.

Just like a driving theory test, where you can have so many minor faults and no majors to pass, we deem life to be this way; we feel that the minor sins don’t matter as much.

They do. Although Allah SWT is the most Merciful and the most Forgiving, we are aware of our little everyday ‘white’ sins, aren’t we? Would this then mean that we are consciously sinning?

We visit funerals of those we knew and even those we didn’t. We feel shock and pain at losing those we knew, especially when of a similar age, and we relate this back to ourselves. In our constantly ticking minds, we are still planning our tomorrow and our future. After a few days of grief, we forget about death and fail to remember it. We continue living our life to the very fullest, as, again, we think it is too short. What we have taken away from seeing death before us is only the greed to live life as if it is your last day, not according to your Creator, but according to your love of this world.

You believe the Day of Judgement is still so far away. We live today as if it was our last day in this world, forgetting that nothing that we’ve done today will help us if this was our very final chance.

We talk about charity consistently in certain months such as Ramadan, when there is poverty across the world, every day. We continue to spend hundreds and thousands on branded and designer goods, goods that could feed a whole poverty-ridden village. We overspend on food to eat during Ramadan as we are fasting so we believe we deserve it. In doing this, we also forget the whole concept of Ramadan is to humble the mind and character, yet we dine as if we were kings.

There are so many things we do in this world, thinking that we can rectify and repent for this when we are old. Let’s remove that veil from our eyes brothers and sisters, in this day and age, where even our youngsters are called upon by Allah SWT before us. There is no guarantee.

We are here to help others, if you have the knowledge, share it; if you have wealth, share it; if you have this chance, use it.

Sponsor an orphan, feed the homeless and help those around us in need of just the basics to survive.

We have been given a heart and emotions to feel empathy towards humankind - all of humankind; not just one race, one religion. Here, at Muslim Aid, we feel that in order to feel compassion towards others, you need not be Muslim, you just need to be human.

Hopefully, we will then taste the true wealth in our Hereafter, where, hopefully, inshallah (God willing) we shall meet once again.

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