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The Night of Power: Over £1 million Raised in Aid of Gaza

Last night, the 27th night of Ramadan; a night that could possibly have been Lailat-ul-Qadr, Muslim Aid raised over £1.1 million in aid of the people of Gaza. We cannot express how grateful we are for the support of our donors, whose calls kept our phone lines busy all night with donations for the Gaza emergency. Allah (swt) has granted us the ability to come to the aid of our Palestinian brothers and sisters, and it was your response that made this possible.

With a live television appeal airing on Islam channel from just after Iftar until 6am in the morning, the donations just kept pouring in. We asked you to help us help cover the costs of running hospital wards, ICUs, blood transfusions, food packs and other essentials, and you didn’t fail us in your response. By 2am, roughly an hour before Fajr prayers, we had already received half a million pounds in donations.  This quickly doubled by the end of the night, when the count had passed the £1million mark.

Our brothers and sisters in Gaza are suffering tremendously, however it is this kind of response that shows that the Ummah is at one with those suffering in Palestine. They are in desperate need of urgent supplies and aid, and this money will go a long way towards helping them, insha’Allah.

With these funds, we can help provide blood for some of the thousands of critically wounded Gazans who desperately need transfusions. We can cover the costs of ICU wards that are keeping the badly injured alive. We can fuel ambulances serving the injured. We can help to feed those who have nothing to eat.

If this was the Night of Power, or Lailat-ul-Qadr, we pray that Allah (swt) multiplies your donations endlessly and accepts our joint effort to support our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Ramadan is leaving us, however our work doesn’t end here. The people of Gaza will still need our help after the violence ends and the news dies down. Please remember them in your prayers and Duas, and donate what you can for the aid and rebuilding effort.

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