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The Rainbow Family General Fund by Muslim Aid

Education is the quintessential ingredient to a successful life. It doesn’t matter what field of work one is associated with. Without education or training, success will never come. It’s the same when dealing with children living as refugees in third world countries. According to a recent statistic, more than a hundred million children today don’t have access to primary school. Primary schooling is the first of many steps towards higher education for a child. It is also the easiest and the least expensive one. Being denied access to it practically guarantees that these children will grow up to become part of an already increasing statistic which represents the number of refugees who rely on aid to live. Being mindful of that, Muslim Aid initiated a programme that provided these children with education, tools and in some cases, both, in order to provide for their families and become self-sufficient. That programme is still running today and has helped transform many lives. More importantly, it has inspired other children to do the same. The programme is called Rainbow Family General Fund by Muslim Aid. Click here for more information on all of our campaigns.


Rainbow Family General Fund


The Rainbow Family General Fund was created with a two-pronged approach; to assist Rainbow Family children as well as the communities they live in. This meant that we had to adopt a holistic approach to ensure the project succeeded, and we achieved the results, we wanted to reach.


As our staff went to these communities in developing countries, we realized the challenges these children faced. The key reason for a child to skip school was to start working as a child labour due to financial constraints the family was suffering. They were being forced to give up books so they could provide for their family. At such a young age, these children did not know any tradecraft that would get them a reliable income anywhere. They were forced to live the hard life of labour.


The purpose of the Rainbow Fund was to ensure every child’s welfare and development goes alongside his or her education. They shouldn't have to pick between the two and give one up. Both could be worked on side by side. We expanded our campaign to assist not just children, but also the communities they live in. This meant teaching communities of people about different types of things that they can use in their daily life. This included things like the importance of good hygiene and improved health, as well as counselling facilities for struggling families and children. We created numerous recreational activities so children can partake in sports and ensure their physical growth. It also instilled in them other good values such as being a team player and socializing with other children. Our community-based projects ranged from carrying out repairs on schools to constructing wells and building libraries. has managed to do some amazing things through the Rainbow Family campaign. We would like to encourage our readers and supporters to donate to Muslim Aid and become a vital part of a good cause that changes people’s lives. Visit our website to learn more about what we have been doing and how you can contribute.

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