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Three Campaigns to Get Involved in this Year

Muslim Aid remains very active in different types of relief aid work, all year long. Our campaigns are as diverse as they are unique. We work with local communities as well as third party vendors in different regions and continents. Some of our campaigns are essentially small-scale projects. Others are a huge undertaking that requires the most investment of time, money and resources.


People who visit our website can find many charity opportunities to get involved in. In today’s post, however, we would like to mention three such projects. Not only are these campaigns extremely important to the communities they serve, but they also need funds to continue to provide aid for the intended recipients. If you are looking forward to donating this year, watch out for these three campaigns.


Syria Emergency Appeal


The Syria crisis has gone on for far too long, four years and still to this day, no end is in sight. Muslim Aid was one of the first organizations to respond to the Syria crisis. Over the years, we have made some remarkable progress in order to provide for the millions of refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries. From distributing food rations to hygiene supplies, Muslim Aid remains active in the region and continues to do more.  


The cold weather has already swept in and it's taking its toll on refugees who live in tents with very few clothes and even fewer blankets. A donation of £10 will provide a warm blanket to a refugee. A £30 donation will sponsor a refugee child for one month. A £50 donation will provide a winter warmth kit for an entire family. These contribution levels provide great opportunities for people to undertake child sponsorship or provide much-needed regular aid.


Gaza Emergency Appeal


Gaza has been a region of turmoil for decades. Muslim Aid initiated the Gaza Emergency Appeal to provide for the locals and to reconstruct the area and bring the infrastructure back to life. We started by distributing food and water bottles and moved on to other things over the course of time, such as rebuilding hospitals and providing medical supplies.


A donation of £30 will enable Muslim Aid to provide life-saving medical packs to one person. A donation of £60 will provide a food pack for an entire family. For a donation of £150, Muslim Aid will provide blood for severe injuries sustained by people in Gaza. Again, the choice is yours in how you want to participate. Considering the amount of carnage this area has witnessed, there is a dire need for all types of participation in the area.


Warm Hearts Winter Campaign


Some people prefer getting involved in aid efforts closer to home. We are also involved in numerous local projects, one of which is the Warm Hearts Winter Campaign by Muslim Aid, designed specifically to provide proper clothes, rations and shelter for the homeless and the elderly. An estimated 30,000 people die each year of cold weather in the UK. The aim of this campaign is to ensure that people have plenty to eat while keeping warm. This campaign has resonated well with the locals. It is one of our most popular campaigns within the United Kingdom.


Watch out for these three campaigns this year. Visit our website for more information on how you can get involved.

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