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Frequently Asked Questions - UK

UK Qurbani

    • Q: Is the meat Halal?

Yes, the meat is approved by the Halaal Monitoring Committee (HMC)

    • Q: Which animal will be used for the Qurbani?

Sheep/mutton weighing approx 17/18kg.

    • Q: When will the meat be delivered?

Delivery will be made to the donor and beneficiary either on 3rd or 4th September 2017.

    • Q: Is the delivery charge included?

Yes, delivery is included in the price of £150

    • Q: How is it packed and kept fresh?

Delivery will be placed in a strong cool-box which prevents the meat from spoiling and protects it from any knocks. Independent tests have shown that the unique travel packs keep your order chilled during transit between 24 and 48 hours.

  • Q: Who are the recipients of the 1/3 of the meat given through UK Qurbani?

Our clients are credible local partners and organisations who work with the most poorest and vulnerable people in the UK. Our beneficiaries are people from single parent families on a low income, the homeless, individuals or families who have  applied for Zakat due to financial hardships and people who have been referred to access local food banks.

    • Q: Will I receive two thirds of the meat?

Yes, the donor will receive 2/3rds of the meat and 1/3rd will be send to a poor, needy or homeless beneficiary in the UK.

  • Q: What is the green colour mark on the meat?

HMC use a green alcohol free meat marking ink which sometimes stains the meat, it is totally safe and doesn’t change the quality of the meat in anyway.

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