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Urgent Aid Needed For Lebanon

The instability in Lebanon has left the people of that country in a very vulnerable position. With scores of innocent lives lost during the war, the Lebanon has seen more years in civil war than in growth and prosperity. Right now Lebanon is in dire of need of aid so that people who are still reeling from the effects of civil war can get back on their feet and work towards rebuilding their lives. A recent survey concludes they require the following things immediately. 

Warm Blankets and Clothes

Distribution of warm blankets, clothes and meals is one of the chief requirements in Lebanon. At least 2100 daily meals are required in order to distribute food to refugees and elderly. It is difficult to imagine a life without home, clothes and food. Being a desert country for the most part, the nights are just as cold as the day is warm. People, particularly children, need warm clothes and blankets to survive the night.

Adequate Sanitation Supplies

Providing sanitary units is yet another important step. War torn regions suffer in more ways than one. In particular the regions plumbing, sewerage and other core infrastructure takes a hit. The water lines are polluted and contaminated and there is no clean water to drink. People need make shift sanitation units and other sanitary supplies to keep clean and keep their belongings clean.


Lastly, transportation between cities has become a major problem over the years. With a broken transportation infrastructure and lack of transport vehicles in general, locomotion between cities and even within cities is a difficult task. While the capital is in good shape, the rural areas are not. They should be provided with the same facilities.

Aid From Other Countries

Many countries have come to the aid of Lebanon, including neighbour and long-time friend Saudi Arabia. The country will spend $1.8 million over the next six months providing 1000 families with shelter, 150 tons of dates and 17,000 milk containers. Medical aid will also be provided.

What Muslim Aid Has Done

Muslim Aid has been at the forefront in relief aid for the people of Lebanon. We have been in involved in a large scale humanitarian relief work. Our on the ground team in Lebanon was involved in the distribution of medical supplies to the Ministry of Social Affairs and other partners and clinics inside Lebanon. In addition, Muslim Aid distributed surgical equipment to hospitals and surgeries savings many lives in the process.

Part of our job is also to create awareness for improved health in addition to supplying medicine and medical equipment. In light of that, an awareness health project was initiated for Protection from Swine Flu (H1N1) with a cooperation of a local partner. We also distributed hygiene suit cases to affected families and children. Each suit case was full of more than adequate cleaning supplies. This included a toothbrush, toothpaste and wipes among many other things.

We urge our donors to get involved in Muslim Aid’s relief aid programs and campaigns. Lebanon would be a good place to start however there are other campaigns to choose from such as aid for Syria and Myanmar. Make a donation and do your part for the betterment of humanity.

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