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Warm Hearts this Winter

English winters are renowned for their chill. Around late December, temperatures can drop to below freezing and stay that way till late February or March. Whilst most people enjoy the cold stretch from within the comfort of their warm homes, many people don’t have that privilege. Those who are homeless have no choice but to wait it out in the thick of the weather. With no warm clothes to keep them comfortable, they have to face the winter conditions on their own. To combat this problem, Muslim Aid initiated the Warm Hearts Winter Campaign.

The Warm Hearts Winter Campaign is a relief aid drive from Muslim Aid that provides proper clothing, food and other essentials for the homeless and the elderly. The goal of the campaign is to ensure that people stay warm through the coldest months. The campaign, which is now in its fourth year, has been a huge success. Last year, we distributed over 1460

Keep Warm Kits and provided assistance to more that a thousand people who were sleeping rough on the streets.

With Christmas and New Year celebrations just days away, people are looking forward to the holiday festivities. However, we must also be mindful of the community that we live in and ensure people who are part of it are looked after too. Each year around 30,000 people die during the winter season due to the excruciatingly cold weather. The Warm Hearts Winter Campaign by Muslim Aid is our way of serving the community and conveying the message of helping others.

We urge everyone to get involved this year and end 2014 on a good note; serving the community. Your donation will provide homeless and elderly people with a Keep Warm Kit. This kit contains the following items:

For the Homeless

  •     A Sleeping Bag
  •     One Blanket
  •     Bed Socks
  •     Fleece
  •     A Pair of Gloves
  •     A Hat
  •     Food Parcels

For the Elderly

  •     Blankets
  •     Bed Socks
  •     A Pair of Gloves
  •     One Scarf
  •     A Hat
  •     Hot Water Bottle
  •     A Thermometer

Our goal is simple;  to help those who need it and to reduce the number of needless deaths this year through providing blankets, clothes and rations to the elderly and homeless. By spreading the word and creating awareness, we want make sure more people cope with the cold weather the right way, not just in the United Kingdom but other parts of the world as well. For further information on the Syria campaign and how to donate be sure to visit our website today and help to change lives!

The mountainous terrain of Syria is exceptionally cold around this time of year, when sub-zero temperatures at night are considered the norm. Over 2 million Syrians currently living in refugee camps are struggling to survive in these harsh conditions. The Syria Relief Aid Campaign by muslimaid aims to provide warm blankets, food and much-needed medical aid to these people who have lost everything in the conflict. Campaigns like these aim to make people’s lives better. We urge our supporters to help us in this goal, and help us to warm hearts this cold winter.

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