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Water Rig Project By Muslim Aid

As a relief aid organisation, Muslim Aid carries an enormous responsibility of providing aid to those who need it. Whether it is providing clean drinkable water and food in inhabitable regions, provide shelter for those escaping the horrors of war or even health care for those who cannot afford it, Muslim Aid strives to help out those who cannot help themselves. This is the very nature of our organisation.

Water is a precious resource, the fundamental component of life on Earth. However, there remain many areas which even to this day where people do not have access to this quintessential commodity.

Take Gambia for instance. This small African country faces numerous challenges one of them being lack of clean drinking water. Nearly 60 % of Gambia’s population lives in poverty and this number is only expected to rise. Increase in poverty translates to a decline in most fundamental of life’s necessities. To make matters worse, the area is prone to forest fires and flash floods.

The Water Rig Project by Muslim Aid

This is when Muslim Aid initiated the Water Rig Project. As per the program, Muslim Aid installed bore holes and solar powered water pumps as part of the initiative. These water rigs in turn do their part in helping provide clean and fresh water. We were able to reach as many as 2500 people and in the process ensured that people living in these communities were getting clean, disease free water.  

However, Muslim Aid did not stop there. In addition to the 2 water rigs, we also built a spacious and sturdy six room school. The school was established to support the 250 young children of the village who have never been able to go to school before.

Get Involved In Relief Aid Work

The Water Rig Project went on to become a highly successful project from Muslim Aid. There are many more projects just like that underway. We are actively working with people on the ground to initiate new projects that cater to the specific needs of specific regions, and even specific people. A big part of the reasons for our success has been the donations that we receive from virtually every corner of the world.

It is the generous donations from all around the world that has enabled Muslim Aid to devise, implement and complete successful projects. It is indeed our donors that deserve all the praise and applause because none of the work that we have done would have been possible without their help. The size of the donation is irrelevant. It’s the thought that counts. No matter how big or small the donation is, it makes a difference and it is very much appreciated. Be a part of a good cause today. Support Muslim Aid.

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