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Wealth Today…Gone Tomorrow

Have you ever finished work and, on your way home, found yourself wondering what you will have for dinner tonight? Have you had to save up for something, but cut back on unnecessary spending to do so?


Has it ever crossed your mind, how the other half of the world live, and what could be crossing their minds right now? It may not be what they are going to have for dinner tonight, but rather whether they will ever have dinner again.


Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Or why, when Allah SWT can do anything He desires, He has blessed some of us with wealth and left others without? In a split second, He can also take away all of our wealth or all of our poverty, yet He chooses not to.


There has to be some reasoning behind it all, right? After all, Allah SWT knows best.


The reason Allah SWT has put people less fortunate than ourselves in this world is to test us, to see if we will share this wealth he has bestowed upon us. We all know wealth is nothing to us in this world, as we will be leaving it behind once we embark on our journey; the “real” journey.


Everything that we own, or rather, “think” we own, wasn’t ours to begin with. Our families, our partners, our parents and our children; nothing is ours. Everything is the property of Allah SWT, so who are we not to share the fortune that we are, ultimately, given to share? Who are we to deny our fellow human beings what is rightfully also theirs?


The amazing thing is this, although Allah SWT has blessed us with wealth that isn’t ours, our generosity for sharing will still be rewarded in the Hereafter.Wealth can also come in many different forms. Some people regard money as wealth, some regard their health as their wealth, and some regard their loved ones as their wealth…


So why not regard our good deeds as our wealth? When the real wealth that is to be seen doesn’t yet exist, doesn’t it make a lot more sense to collect good deeds instead? Wouldn’t you prefer to look significantly prosperous in Allah SWT’s eyes? When we get buried, do we get buried in our designer clothes? Do we get buried with our loved ones? Would it matter if we had a leg or an arm missing? Would our casket be taken in a flash prestige car?


No! We are going alone. To where we came from, to face our creator, and for our sins and good deeds to be finally counted.


Charity is most loved by Allah SWT. Generosity of the heart is most loved by Allah SWT. Looking out for each other is just part of humanity. So let’s build up our good deeds and do our bit for those who are less fortunate than us.


Donate to Muslim Aid today and share the wealth Allah SWT has temporarily given us to share. Let’s ensure our good deeds far outweigh our sins, so we can reap the benefits and see what true wealth really is in the Hereafter.

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