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What Are Children?

Children are so often seen as less than they really are, especially those surviving in poor circumstances beyond their control.

Take, for example, the children of Syria and Gaza. There is no denying that these children need our help and compassion. Then again, so do the adults they live among.

Whether financial assistance, an offering of time, or just earnest prayers and best wishes; there is so much we can and should be doing for them. So why do so many dismiss them as ‘weak’ and ‘naïve’ or ‘a burden’?

We, at Muslim Aid, believe the opposite is true.

Children are strong.

They may not be able to carry as much as their adult counterparts, and they should not be allowed to fight, but as people, children are some of the strongest you will ever know. The children living in poverty-stricken refugee camps and war-torn regions demonstrate more resilience and more perseverance than most. What’s more is that they continue to hope. In the face of it all, no matter what their start in life or the evil around them, they dream of better futures as doctors, peace-keepers and life-changers.

Children are wise.

They see the world not just for what it is at any given moment – a dark and dangerous place – but as something beautiful; somewhere for them to learn about and explore, to make a mark on and make even more beautiful. A child is a keen observer, especially those who have been forced to grow up quickly and keep an eye out. That is how they have to learn. Yet, no matter how bad things are around them or how much evil they witness, they are wise enough not to lose faith.

Children are a blessing.

They are not a burden, to their families, or, to us. They are a true blessing to all. The innocent way in which they see the world, their endless potential, their delicate dispositions and big hearts. Even amidst some of the most violent places on earth, their minds are sponges and their lives precious. They should not be seen as a chore or a ‘drain’ on resource. They should be treasured and protected.

So please, see children everywhere for what they are and help us support all they represent. Donate to Muslim Aid and keep the future bright.

Hope. Beauty. The future.

From the tiniest acorn grows the mighty oak.

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