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What You Need To Know About the Syria Crisis

The statistics keep coming in every week, each one worse than the last. Syria is in crisis mode, and it has been for the last three years. Sadly, the future doesn’t look too bright, and as different parties and global organisations work towards a resolution, it is the people that are left suffering. So many people have been displaced; so many have been forced to live the life of a refugee. It is a cause for concern for not only Muslims, but the whole world. 

People who are sympathetic for the Syrian cause should get involved in relief aid for Syria efforts and donate. For those who are thinking about it or need more information about this part of the world, we’ve put together some thought-provoking statistics to give you an idea of how bad the situation is on the ground:

  • There are more than 2.8 million Syrian citizens currently living as refugees in five host countries, namely Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.
  • Lebanon tops the list with over 1.1 million refugees. Taking into account the countries total population, this equates to roughly one in five being a Syrian refugee.
  • Jordan ranks third after Turkey and currently accommodates over 500,000 Syrian refugees. The statistics for Syrian refugees in Turkey is around one in 13.
  • Zataari Camp is the largest refugee camp in Jordan and currently holds over 80,000 refugees. The camp is the fourth largest city in Jordan.
  • The United Nations estimates that over 6.5 million people just this year have been internally displaced by the Syrian crisis. This figure reflects an increase of more than two million in just six months.
  • Over half the country’s population is in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. An estimated 12 million Syrians need aid desperately.
  • The civil war that started the crisis resulted in over 100,000 Syrian deaths.
  • The United Nations expects the number of refugees to rise from 2.8 to above 4 million by the end of this year, making it the worst humanitarian crisis since Rwanda.

These are shocking figures and certainly a cause for concern. Fortunately, the response to this epidemic has been encouraging as thousands of people have come forward to lend a helping hand. Muslim Aid has assisted people from Syria since the very beginning. Our Syria Relief Aid campaign dates back to March 2011 when the civil war first started.

Over three years, we have been involved in numerous campaigns and mini projects specifically designed for Syrian citizens living both inside the country and outside in refugee camps. From distributing water supplies and toiletries to building make-shift hospitals and child sponsorship, Muslim Aid has been at the forefront of relief aid for Syria. We urge our readers and donors to donate generously for the Syrian Relief Aid Campaign. There may not be an immediate end in sight for their ongoing struggle, but the least we can do is ensure that they are receiving aid to get through these tough times. 

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