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Why is Sustainability as Important as Immediate Action?

In many developing countries around the world, everyday life is an uphill battle. Whilst immediate action is being taken, and the situation on the ground is being treated as an emergency, as is the case wit the Gaza emergency appeal, there is still a desperate need for sustainability.


You see, long-term action is just as important as short-term provisions. Not only will the former help to rebuild communities and enable partial or complete self-sustainability, but it will also ensure that crucial supplies are readily available, and economics begins to improve. This isn’t all though, as this factor can also make the world of difference to the future of those living in less fortunate areas. And that is something we can’t put a price on.


With so many benefits of sustainability then, what’s stopping us?


Well, in our lives, we take much for granted, and equally, we make excuses for why we can’t donate today. It may be that we feel financially insecure or perhaps something else has popped up that has distracted us completely. Often, we can get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget about the lives of those far less fortunate around the globe.


No matter how much may fog our minds though, the importance of sustainability remains a lingering thought; one that requires you to take action. And you can, by supporting the campaigns here at Muslim Aid.


Whether you’re keen on making a financial contribution, would like to donate your time, or want to organise your own fundraising event and donate the money raised to one of our campaigns, Muslim Aid is open to all kinds of contributions and ways to support our existing appeals.


So, see your donation make a change and help developing countries to become self-sustainable with Muslim Aid. For more information, get in touch today or see our site for details regarding our existing campaigns.

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