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Why Muslim Aid's Child Sponsorship Programme is so Different

Almost 9 million children don’t get to see their 5th birthday each year, due to preventable diseases. An estimated 101 million children are not attending primary school today in developing countries. Child labour, comprising of 5 to 14-year old children is estimated to be at about 150 million. And almost 18 million children become orphans due to losing parents to Aids.


At first glance, the statistics might be quite overwhelming. The fact of the matter is, nothing can be farther from the truth. Muslim Aid is all too aware of this and hence maintains an active Child Sponsorship programme. Through it, we have been able to provide food, shelter and most importantly, education to some of the most affected refugees in different parts of the world. They come from everywhere; mostly places where is there is poverty, hunger, war or all three.


Today, there are many aid agencies working towards the well-being of these children. We wanted to take a moment and talk about some of the salient features of our sponsorship programme and what makes it so different from the rest. The idea is to encourage people to take an active role in the development of orphan children, and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in life. Below are some significant features of our programme.

  • Putting children's education above everything else. Muslim Aid believes that there is no better support for a child than education; the only one of its kind that can help them get back on their feet
  • Encouraging children to become leaders of their community. Teaching the importance of being poverty free
  • Providing the child with sufficient food and shelter as well as access to decent medical facilities and supplies. Physical growth of a child is just as important as their mental and educational growth
  • Counseling sessions to help them deal with emotional and economic issues
  • Psychological support for children living in war-torn regions such as Myanmar, Gaza and Syria
  • One on One child sponsorship programme. Your donations go directly to that child.
  • We offer long term support and dedication to each sponsored child throughout their education
  • Extra-curricular activities for children, such as sports and other team building exercises to ensure they get to socialise and learn the value of human life and friendship
  • Creating a children’s center in different regions, which becomes a hub for all types of children activities

Muslim Aid strongly believes that children are the future and securing that future should be a top priority. We believe our hard work is reflected in the success of our child sponsorship campaign. Through it, we have been able to educate children and provide them with improved health care to increase their lifespan and enhance their livelihood. You too can get involved in this cause, for a small contribution. For as little as £25 a month, your contribution will ensure a child is properly provided for and taken care of, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


We urge our supporters to get involved in the child sponsorship programme and become the reason behind positive change in a child’s life.

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