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Winter is not coming. Winter has arrived

As we roll on January, the gusty winds nationwide are picking up and the temperatures are declining steadily. People have already changed their wardrobe. Warm clothes are a common sight as you walk down the street, and with the weather getting harsher and harsher, there is an ever-present need to stay indoors at work, school or at home. Some people however are not so fortunate.


Homeless people have to bear the brunt of the cold front, just like last year and the year before. The sheer winds of winter are strong enough to rattle even the most hard core fans of cold weather. The elderly and the homeless are less able to cope with such harsh conditions. To ensure they stay warm this winter, Muslim Aid has initiated the Rucksack Project. For more information on what we do and how to donate, please visit our website and change a life today!


Serving communities within the United Kingdom has always been a top priority at Muslim Aid. Over the years, we have been at the forefront of providing relief aid and assistance to some of the most remote and isolated areas of the world. A big focus of our charity work is overseas; however, we share an equal responsibility to conduct aid work locally at home, in our communities and counties. In accordance with that belief and commitment, Muslim Aid initiated the warm hearts campaign last year to hand out provisions and blankets to keep people warm and cosy during winter. We also took part in the Feed the Hungry campaign, where homeless people were given full fledge meals and given a taste of fine cuisine.


This year, Muslim Aid is doing it again. With a renewed vigour and dedication, we are committed to serving local communities, starting off with people who are most vulnerable to winter; homeless people and the elderly. This is a great opportunity for people to get involved in charity work and do their part to become the difference in people’s lives by taking part in the Rucksack Project by Muslim Aid.


The idea of the project is to provide care for those who are unable to take care of themselves. This includes senior citizens and people with frail health; homeless people who are forced to live on the streets and those who have a respiratory and cardiovascular illness that could make the upcoming winter a difficult season for them. More often than not, such individuals are isolated with no one to care for or provide support. The Rucksack Project is Muslim Aid’s way of saying you are not forgotten and that we care about you.


The outdoors will get extremely rough in the coming weeks and it is imperative that people who will be affected by it are properly taken care of swiftly. We urge our fans and followers to do their part in serving humanity and take part in the Rucksack Project by Warm people’s hearts by keeping them warm this winter. Register your interest to volunteer in the Rucksack Project on the Muslim Aid website. Browse through our other local and international campaign efforts and feel free to make a donation.

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